The Morning After

I have a read again over my notes in Facebook just now in the morning, which is the same as the previous entry “Enduring, Endearing Love” in this blog, and tears overflow again to my face… I am just so overwhelmed… I ask the Lord, what do You want to show to me since last night? I never experience this before, not being so overwhelmed to a level like this.. even by only reading again what He spoke to me last night, “Don’t be afraid. I know you. You can trust Me“, I cannot hold not to cry again…


Lord, there must be something wonderful behind this… Something that will result in an action, something that I can share to others in return… I ask the Lord, “What do You want me to do, God?”

I said to Him, “I want to write about You, I want to write the truth, whatever You ask me to. Writing is the least I can do“…

There is just something about that name… There is just something about the name of Jesus…

Our Wonderful Savior, Prince of Peace, Mighty Councellor, Eternal Father, King of Kings…

Praise Your name forever and ever…


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