Manusia yg sotoy… (the “all knowing human” :P)

I’ve just realized for the past five months God’s been teaching me to depend more and more unto Him…

You know, human tends to be ‘sok tau’ especially when we were faced with situations that “we know well already”.. it makes us to count on ourselves, relying on our knowledge and experiences from the past, making us to forget to ask guidance from the Lord. Pdhl Proverbs 3:6 bilang, “In ALL your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your path straight“. Yet we tend to make our own classification to our problems, for example, for problem/challenge type A, we think we can make our own decision because this is somehow easy, people (family, friends) telling this situation should be handled by x y z, but what the Lord says? Do we care for His opinion too? Meanwhile for problem/challenge type B.. hmm.. this is bit too hard, so this one I think is the time to ask the Lord.  Heyy…. But His words clearly said “in all our ways, acknowledge Him“… !


Well, this is the thing that He’s been teaching me for the past months. He did in purpose to put me in situations I wasn’t familiar with. He put me in situations where there is much uncertainty in how to solving the challenges. Seakan gaada jalan lain selain come to Him with a humble heart and saying, “Lord, I have no power to walk through all of these, I know nothing, You’re the one who knows all. Please reveal Your ways and Your wills to me“… Dr yg awalnya berasa ‘kepaksa’, skrg jdnya udah terlatih dengan sendirinya untuk yg dikit-dikit tanya sama Tuhan, “Lord, what is Your will for this kind of situation?”.

Karena tantangan yang ada semakin besar, rasa ketergantungan pada Tuhan itu juga makin bertambah dengan sendirinya.

Besides learning to be more dependance to Him, yg pasti dlm hal ketergantungan itu jg melibatkan FAITH. How we can count to a person if we don’t trust him/her? How can we trust his/her words if we didn’t know him/her well?

Maka itu walau selama jalaninnya juga kadang msh yg bertanya-tanya, “how You could make me go through it all?”, but unconciously He is shaping my heart loh… I believe now that I have realized about this truth is also because of the revelation from His Holy Spirit too…


Ikut Tuhan itu emang deg-degan, suka dibikin penasaran hehehe…, kadang deg-degannya sambil seneng, excited nunggu apa yah yg bakal Tuhan kerjaiin, kadang jg deg-degannya yg sambil harap-harap cemas, “bnr ga yah firmanNya yg blg His help is always present in time of need, bnr ga yah firmanNya yg blg segalanya akan indah tepat pd waktuNya” etc etc…

But reminders for me: stop trying to figure things out. Instead, lean on God.

Just keep doing what God has told me to do, keep obeying His commands, FEAR NOT. God never fails me and He won’t.

Just relax, He is Jehovah Jireh, “The Lord will provide!” (Genesis 22:14).

Mazmur 37:5-6

“Serahkanlah hidupmu kepada Tuhan dan percayalah kepadaNya, maka Ia akan bertindak:

Ia akan memunculkan kebenaranmu spt terang, dan hakmu spt siang”


Aminnn… 🙂

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