“Tips to Have a Healthy Relationship”

Once upon the time when I was still single (ciee…) :”P, I liked to write topics about principles in relationships that I got from my own conviction, valuable sermons or Christian books, of course they were much more surrounded around “singleness” and “choosing the right one”. Now that I have finally found ‘the one’ (praise the Lord :D), intentionally my focus has been shifted to reading topics that are much related to ‘relationship as a couple’ and ‘marriage’ just because I like to always equip myself with knowledge of God’s truth that is equivalent to the stage where I am at the moment  🙂

There are many good articles around, but I’m gonna post this one first. I was interested to the title at first, “How to Prevent Divorce” hihi… to change it to sound more positive, I’d like to call it “Tips to Have a Healthy Relationship” 😉 I think these are good to be practiced even from the stage of courtship (don’t need to wait until you’re getting marry 🙂 )

1. A couple must deal on all conflicting issues.

It could be better for a couple to talk about their problems and be open to one another’s opinion. In this way, the couple may find ways on how they will resolve the problem.

2. Make some value on mutual interests.

Find ways to have some moments where they can spend time and evaluate their emotions. They should make some effort to make it up for some lost time together.

3. A person always has the option to choose the person that could be right for him.

It could be better if the person has the same perspectives and beliefs. This could lessen any irreconcilable differences that would lead to divorce (find a man who loves the Lord, not by his saying, but by his life. Not just any man that has “Christian” as his religion status on his ID Card. In my opinion, a Christian man who still compromise his life living  in “grey area” and prioritizing the world over God,  is just the same as still living in darkness. And as Paul said in the Bible, light and darkness cannot be together).

4. Make the relationship work as the best of friends instead of just being partners.

If there is friendship established within the marriage, there is a strong indication that the marriage can get stronger and even last forever.

5. Learn how to accept any disappointments and failures in the relationship.

It can sometimes help when the couple knows all their limitations and imperfections in the marriage (and in any relationships). Expressing anger is only normal but they need to make sure that it would only take a little time to release that kind of emotion.

6. It is important to take care of ones physical appearance.

Staying beautiful and handsome (cuittt cuitttt :P) can spice up the relationship most of the time. However, couples should stay healthy even when there is dieting involved in maintaining a perfect body.

7. Couples should be faithful and honest to one another.

To make a long lasting marriage there must be fidelity and honesty in the relationship. They should not tell lies and should be courageous enough in bringing up any problems that may arise.

Always remember that couples are bound together because of love. Divorce may be prevented if couples will always put in mind that their marriage will last long enough and live up to the expectations that they promised to one another when the they exchanged vows. Those who do not agree on divorce are couples who believe that staying together gives them enough reason that marriage is very important as a family.

This article was written by Robert Thatcher and taken from thevine with my comments as additional 😛


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