The Unexpected Expectations…

What do you feel when you cannot give your best to someone very special to you?

You thought you have tried but in fact you most often fail.

At first you may complain the way he treats you. Not that he doesn’t care. He just doesn’t care to the extent you want it.

You demand a full, undivided attention to things you’re telling him especially about things you most value. Yet he missed by bit and you feel he may not really care especially when other ‘less special’ people actually give you more attention about the things you’re telling them. This special person supposes to give more special attention to you, right? At least that is what your ego thinks.

When you’re not in a really good condition, for example, when you’re sick. Other ‘less special’ people gives you more attention, advice, help; all that makes you feel you’re being taken care of. But this special person didn’t really give you any soothing comments let alone ‘get well’ messages. Once again you demand a more special attention from him. Your ego thinks you deserve it most importantly from him.

You don’t want the relationship to be filled only with demands and expectations yet you just can’t help it. You expect him to be the one who understands you the most, expect him to be the first in everything especially when you really need him. Because he is much more valuable than the others than you put more expectations unto him. But he can’t really fulfill it, not all of the times. He’s also a human and you can’t expect to always receive in a relationship, sometimes you just have to give more, you just have to be more understanding.

How to erase the expectations? How to make it disappears? How to ignore it? How to be more understanding? How to at least minimize it?

Pretending that he’s not really that special to you so it’ll decrease the expectations by themselves?


In the end, you just want to be the best for that special person. And right now you just hate yourselves for not being able to do that. You want him to be proud of having you.

What you should do?


Share your experience in the comments box below :)

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