Cap.ti.vat.ed (adjective)

Held by an irresistible appeal or fascination


What thing could do you in that kind of way? What thing could make you stand in pause, be amazed in awe?


Jesus You, You hold the world with Your unfailing love.

The Heaven sings Your praises from above

In Your name lips shall praise and knees shall bow

Father You, the universe exalts in who You are

The stars declare Your wonder far and wide

How majestic is Your love throughout my life

In You… I find my peace. In You… I bend my knees

You are Lord of Heaven, You shall reign in all the earth

I humbly bow before Your majesty

Now I will sing Your praises

And I will sing forevermore

I’m captivated by Your love in me…

Music& Lyrics: Sidney Mohede


my belongingsJesus, You have loved me with Your unfailing love.

In silence I acknowledge Your presence.

In emptiness I know You are there.

In joyful moments I feel the leaps of all angels around me. 

When I shiver I trust in You as my Lord, my victory banner. 

When I close my eyes I have my rest in You. When I wake up I am available for You.


One thing, one thing I desire, is to know You. Your love consumes my aching heart. I will love You, not with just my words, or my hands, but Lord with all my life. I want to live for You alone.

I live for You Lord.


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