March 2009

It is the third month of 2009. I said to myself last night, another nine months available for me to be able to enjoy the fullness of life in Christ. Another nine months available from God, a gift for me, to witness His wonderful works and miracles in my life, the best so far.

I do not say “nine months left” because I am not being hunted by time. I say “nine months available” because that would sound more as an OPPORTUNITY.

The first two months have passed, nothing to be regret. I’ve made plans for future months yet I know I’m still living my days at present.

The key this year to see God’s miracles is just believe. And what makes me to believe? By walking close with Him. Side by side. Every single day.

I want my heart to be attached more and more to His. Until it aches whenever I do not taste His living and reviving water.

I want to feel the goodness of His love more and more each day. Until world’s agony and disappointment is nothing compared to the glory He has in store for me.

I want to live as in to win a crown, crown of life that is.

I don’t know what I can do for or give You but You got me – spirit, soul, and body…


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