“The Love of My Lord”

The love of my Lord

Able to change my whole life

With just His single touch into the deepest of my heart

My life has changed, it has never been the same again


The love of my Lord

Able to soften the hardest of human heart

If He’s willing, nothing’s impossible for Him

Hearts will cry out, knees will bow down, lips will sing praise of His glory and honor

Everyone will shout out in joy for His goodness


The love of my Lord

Can’t be fathomed

Deeper than the deepest sea, wider than the whole universe and its galaxy, greater than history any human can create

He is the history Himself


The love of my Lord

Words can’t describe the beauty of it

Being loved by my Lord,

is the most wonderful thing ever happen in my life

is the greatest miracle in the world,

is the source of miracles themselves


Jesus, You are the only One

The King of kings, ruler of the earth and heaven

I can’t wait for the time to come

For I be able to see You face to face

How I miss You, the owner of my life


The love of my Lord

is available for you and me

Spend lifetime to enjoy it

Spend eternity to live with it


I love You my Lord

But most of all I give thanks for You have loved me first


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