I’ve been in Melbourne over a week by now… what a lovely city… A city that I used to live in for 6 years… and now that I am here again, more memories are to follow…

The fact that I am here is only by God’s grace… I had never known He will open the door for me to be here… Allowing me to have a ‘proper communication’ with my bf… 😛 It is only by grace! Why I said so?

Well, my younger brother had been planning to study here since two years ago yet he was always hesitant. When he decided to go here, my grandpa and dad actually did not really agree… My grandpa especially, thought that I was in Jakarta already anyway. He wanted us to be one, all together in Jakarta as a family. I didn’t expect tht my brother would go talked to him about his decision. Saying that he regretted the fact that he postponed his study for two years and Melb is the path he’s willing to choose. At that time I just prayed what’s the best for him. I didn’t want to be selfish by praying “O God, please make my brother go to Melbourne!” just so I could be with my bf. I prayed for God’s will may be done in his life, I believe God would give him the best, just so He would do to me as well.

And now… heyyy! I’m here! Together with my brother! hehehe… 🙂 I would never be able to guess what the Lord wants to do in my life… He truly gives me more than I ever ask or pray… God is so good…

I give thanks to God  for now I can see my bf everyday after he’s gone back from work… the time that we spent and will spend is all by grace and so precious to us…


For the first week kinda felt hard for me though… Worry often entered my heart! This time I have to be responsible for my brother… It is my duty as a sister to take care of him, give him the best I can do… Especially I know that he had never grown apart from our parents…. I enjoy this new role, cos I really love him so much. Yet that fear had its time entering my heart. What if something out of my control happen? What if I couldn’t handle a situation? I could not be there for him all of the time.

And in this moment that I realize, God’s been teaching me to surrender people I love to His hand… I could not be there for them all of the time yet HE is able! And how much power He has more than me with all my liabilities! This also applies to my thought of worry over my mom… I felt so sad knowing she’d spend her nights without us… chatting, playing, laughing in her room until midnight… together with our lovely dog… 🙂 Yet once again, I cannot deny that we live our own life… No matter how much we close to someone, we cannot be with them all of the time…

God is teaching me FAITHIf I trust my life is safe in His hands, why I couldn’t trust the life of my loved ones unto Him as well?

Now I become more understand as well, how parents could be so protective to their children… They have to learn to entrust their children to God’s hands too.. Providing all they need yet there are things only God can do, above human’s effort and power… He is the source of all power…!


Well, up to this date perhaps this is what I can share to you all… I’m still praying what am I gonna do with my time here while I’m in Melbourne? What work for kingdom of God that He has provided me?


God, I want to lean on You in all times…

In sad times I want to find comfort in Your words,

In times of fear I want to embrace Your love and power for it is only You are able to make me move forward,

In happy times I want to love You, Jesus, even more!

In all times I wanna be with You…

Please help me to stay close to You in all times…

Enable me to enjoy a deeper relationship with You Lord…

Thank You for all Your kindness and faithfullness!!!!! You are simply great and awesome 😉


Share your experience in the comments box below :)

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