“Feeling… Oh Feeling…”

Duhhhh.. I’m feeling it again… Feel like I’m losing my purpose… Suddenly I don’t really know what to do in Melbourne… (well, theorotically speaking I know, yet somehow my heart doesn’t feel it…)

I am stucked with my novel writing as well… Hiks… That compare-and-complain strucks me once again… I wish I could write as good as some people do… I wish I knew my purpose more clearly…

Then I read this devotional from The Vine… “When Feelings and Faith Are in Conflict”.


Ever hear the words: ‘You shouldn’t feel that way. If you trusted God more you wouldn’t be emotionally down and feel like quitting. A good dose of faith and prayer is what you need!’ When the bottom falls out of your world well-meaning friends think such words ought to pick you up instantly. But they don’t; they can actually make you feel worse. Remember Job’s friends?

So, what should we do when we experience these troubling, anxious, discouraging feelings?

1) Understand that feelings are neither right nor wrong.

Having them doesn’t make you unspiritual and not having them doesn’t make you spiritual. They’re just human emotions we all have.

No one experienced greater emotional pain than Jesus: ‘My soul is overwhelmed with sorrow to the point of death.’  (Mark 14:34). He felt like he was going to die on the spot. Such deep feelings threatened His very life!
Yet He didn’t hide or deny His feelings, or condemn Himself for having them.
Denial only amplifies emotion.
Jesus openly acknowledged His feelings, processing them in a healthy way. In the throes of anguish, He prayed twice, ‘Father… Please take this… suffering away from me… ‘ (Mark 14:36 NLT).

The Father didn’t scold or rebuke His plea to avoid His circumstances or His feelings, and He won’t scold or rebuke you either.

2) Understand that your feelings don’t dictate your options or invalidate your choices.
You can have bad feelings and still make good choices!
Crushed with grief, Jesus said, ‘… Yet I want your will, not mine’ (Mark 14:36 TLB).
Choose God’s will regardless of your feelings and He’ll strengthen you to handle the tough times.

So, for now, I find comfort in His words… This feeling of fear, worry and uncertain aren’t “wrong”… The real deal is, “what am I gonna do with those emotions?”… Do I surrender it to Jesus?
He deserves to know my deepest emotions… He’s my best friend!
Best friend always accept one as what he/she is… I don’t have to cover my heart when I share my feelings with Him… He understands…
In such time of uncertainty like this, I just want to hang on my faith… I do not want to complain what God has done in my life up til now…All is good…

Dear Lord, please guide my steps… Please show me Your heart, let me understand Your heart…

Let my eyes be opened and see what You are willing to show at this my point of life…
When my eyes are clouded with fear and worry, let Your words shine brighter than ever, Lord…

Thank You for I know You will never leave nor forsaken me… Lead me in Your path of righteousness…


Romans 8:15
For you did not receive a spirit that makes you a slave again to fear, but you received the Spirit of sonship. And by him we cry, “Abba, Father.”


One thought on ““Feeling… Oh Feeling…”

  1. Hi

    I got something out of this post. Thank you.

    Feelings are there. Jesus prayed to God about them and I am learning to do this too, and tell God how I am feeling and ask him to bring changes that can make things better.

    I think it’s wise in your prayer when you ask that you can see what God wants to show you and teach you. Jesus can be a leader to us and there is so much to learn from his teachings not just his sacrifice, he came as a Messenger.
    He said about having his words and doing them like building a house on a rock.

    Feelings may also serve the purpose to make us change the way we are doing things.. Maybe to tell us something.

    Sometimes its not us but someone else. Not right with the people we know and the way they treat us. We wish Christian people could be as loving as the Bible and Jesus say they should be, but they aren’t sometimes. I can get dissappointed and discouraged. Other times feelings make us want to confront things when we are tired of seeing them the same, the same fruit, and its not enough.

    Hope you find what u need to find and this time gets easier and people say the right things and support you and encourage you and that you discover purpose for u being here and something to share.


    Woww! Surely a food for thought you’ve shared as above, thank you so much Rob for your encouragement and time in sharing the truth 😉 God bless u abundantly, and I believe yes there is something God wants to teach me here.. I just need to listen to His Holy Spirit and follow His promptings. Thanks once again! 🙂

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