It Ends Up Very Well!

It’d be easier in anyone’s relationship, if we simply communicate honestly and openly what’s in our heart to our loved ones… Most especially if they are very understanding and care enough to listen to our thoughts, and even willing to make some changes if it could make the relationship grows even closer and makes the bond deeper….

Going through half of the day thinking that today was almost classified as “not a really good day”, it turns out to be a very beautiful day… One that I will never forget…

My mind was filled with the thought, why human (yes, that includes me) tend to focus on something that someone’s lacking, instead of their plus… And when should be the time to tell honestly what we think they are lacking, when do we just have to accept them as they are, or expecting somehow they’d get it what they lack of and willing to change…?


Then everything seems to go by with ease… as I hang out with my lovely girlfriends (Tia, Finna, and Nelly; love our “1st version-update for a year” time! 🙂 ), share our story and laugh… while enjoying a mug of dark hot chocolate with crunchy balls at Max B South Melbourne… 🙂

And when it was time for us to leave, before I stepped outside Nelly’s car, she shared with me this encouraging testimony… with a conclusion “Don’t think too much! As much as we would like to know what our future will be, walk step by step in faith and let God leads the way“.

I’ve actually often experienced, that when I have surrendered all my thoughts and plans, it was only then God did His actions… He stepped in! After my mind couldn’t think anymore, couldn’t think of any life’s scenarios… (but still at some times I draw near to my own mind rather than God’s Words *doh)…

Then I am so thankful I am able to discuss with my bf what’s in my heart… something he was lacking, which actually is only a very few among his abundant kindness to me, really, but “stupidly” enough for me, got its place corrupting my mind throughout the day and what almost made me classified this day as “a not really good day”… (forgive me -_-).

I am so relieved! We have tried to practice an open communication, which is far way better than just shutting our mouth (and even our heart) and pretending don’t care for the issue yet it keeps nudging our heart and establish an unnecessary resentment towards each other, burying deep inside our heart yet waiting “perfect timing” to explode…

For this I thank him so much… I wasn’t get used to this style of open communication… even sometimes I’m still tempted (and failed)… Yet God continues to give him patience to “teach” me in this specific area… I am really thankful for this!

And see, after we talk heart to heart, everything’s sorted out! As easy as that! Although at first I didn’t know how to start, yet Holy Spirit gave me wisdom to begin discussing the issue in a not offending way…

Thank You so much Lord 🙂 Keep blessing our relationship with Your presence…


So today, when it comes to an end of the night… I give thanks to the Lord… In Him there aren’t any good or bad days… Every day has its own blessing and lesson to be enjoyed and learned…


Teach me to love like You, Jesus… There are so many things I have to learn, my whole life, and I want to take joy in the process as much as You delight in shaping me to be more and more like Your Son…

"Happy 8!!!", flower never make any mistakes :P
"Happy 8!!!", flower never make any mistakes 😛

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