He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother :)

Spending my half morning searching for casual/part time jobs through SEEK… for some looking for jobs can be a stressful thing to do, including me..hehe… the thought of applying, checking over and over again your resume & cover letter, getting interviewed (!) etc etc, and to actually do it, wewwww…!!! Although in my life til now I’ve experienced more or less 10 different jobs, everytime I face the cycle it still pumps up my heartbeats and most often, in a so not comfortable way… ukhhh…

Yet I want to give thanks to my Lord… Although I am still looking for jobs, I am lack of nothing… He provides me a nice place to leave in, sufficient foods, all my needs He provide!… Thanks God… 🙂


This morning I also realized that God is in particular teaching me this:

“Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit,

but in humility consider others better than yourselves” – Philippians 2:3

He is using this one single person particularly to teach me a humble and serving heart… who else than my brother that currently is together with me in Melb! For over two weeks doing these “housewifes chores” (and still going to continue to December at least! huehehehe..), I have to admit not all I did it with a cheerful heart… >.<

At some times I expected a little bit help from him (as simple as washing the dishes, filling up the drink water) yet he didn’t… Some other times I didn’t like he was being rude (either to me or his comments towards others)… Another time I complained in my heart why he couldn’t be more self independent (some of his actions and thoughts are still childish)… But well… He is my brother! I have this greater bond with him-we are family, and I know God is doing something in my heart as well as in his, so I do not want to put all blame in him. I admit sometimes I am also impatience… huhuhu.. forgive me Lord…

This morning as I sat ‘whining’ to God about him, He opened my eyes to other brighter side… Jesus’ point of view…


The more I complained, the  more I realized how much I should give thanks to my mom and my Lord…!

How often I didn’t realize I did the same thing to my mom (not giving her hand whenever she was in need, replying her comment or advice in a strong tone of voice-this meant acting rude towards her too-those are even still few to mention!)…

And also, how often I didn’t or forget to say thanks to my God for His goodness and for what He’s done to me, when on the other side I often expect my brother to at least say thanks for food I’ve prepared or on things I have helped him…

Not a good attitude of heart eh… 😦

So, the more I complained, the more I was ashamed to myself…!


I thank God for He “does not treat us as our sins deserve or repay us according to our inquities” (Psalm 103:10)… and I also thank my mom for she’s been a wonderful, faithful, and loving mother to all of her children…! Hiks… Now I feel wanna cry…. 😥

Thank You so much Lord, for You have loved me just like Your own Son, therefore You allow this thing to process the purity of my heart…

Thank You for You have prepared me from now on to be a wonderful, loving, and faithful mother for my future- a mother who loves her children with all her heart, a wife who serves and loves her husband just like she loves her own, do anything for her family without any selfish ambition… You want me to serve, Lord, not to be served… When You serve, You never think of Your own benefits… You never expect something in return… How wonderful Your love is to me, Lord… You are my perfect role model, Jesus 🙂

Thank You for this wonderful lesson, God.. Enable me to serve and love my brother with all my heart, with a cheerful, giving, humble heart…

Me & my lil Bro who's not so little anymore... :P - Taken in China, Oct 2008
Me & my lil Bro who's not so little anymore... 😛 - Taken in China, Oct 2008

In the end, thank u baby, through u God’s shaping my character. I know God’s been preparing a wonderful plan and future for u too in Melbourne. I wanna be a wonderful sister for u, one who u can rely on… xxxx 🙂


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