Forgive, and Forget

Once again I made mistake to my loved one… what I am so grateful is, he always says this to me after I apologize, “It’s ok honey, I never remember your mistakes anyway”… and he actually sticks to it, he never bring my past mistakes to our conversation; when he forgives, he forgets… something that women perhaps feel hard to do…?
That’s why I love and adore him for so many reasons… I know he is who he is now by God’s process, and I can see how wonderful the process he’s been through and how beautiful God’s grace in his life…

Thank You God for this lovely man… So many times I wonder why I couldn’t be just instantly patient, kind, content, generous, gentle, all in seconds… When questioning the answer means going in round without an end, I just convince myself this is what God intends to do… everything is a process… everything needs change… and I not only need to have the desire to change to the better, I also need to pursue it…!

I know nothing’s impossible for God. If He wanted to change me in an instant, He could. Yet I’d miss the wonderful process He’s destined to each of His children. Because He treats me like His own therefore He allows me to ‘participate’ in the sanctification process too…

Well, for now I really want to do His words for every relationships in my life, esp my rship with my wonderful man…

Romans 12:10

“Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves”

By Your grace I will be able to do this through Christ who strengthens me… Amen… 🙂


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