“In Between Bookshelves 225 and 270”

Here I am, in the State Library Swanston St 🙂 Six years staying in Melbourne before I went back for good last year, only once I visit the building and I even stepped in not very far from the entrance 😛 Now, visiting Melbourne once again by grace, I take the chance to write my book in this memorable library. It is huge and historical, this is the best place I can be in writing my book 🙂 I just have to push myself to finish it — to actually act on my dream, and by God’s grace I will be able to complete it and eventually I hope and pray it will bless the readers’ soul.

So, after sitting here for more than 2 hours with my laptop, I’ve finally finished editing all blog entries in October 2005 (the original copy was still in my Friendster blog). My target is to finish editing all entries in my Friendster blog (they are from October 2005-December 2008) this month before then I move to my Facebook notes and of course, entries from this blog too (I begin to write this blog in January 2009). I am writing it all in English for the purpose of my non-Indonesians friends most importantly, to be able to understand God’s work and goodness in my life.

Well, nothing’s big but I do hope that my writing which is inspired by events happened in daily basis will be able to inspire them too. Since English isn’t my primary language, I still need someone to have it double checked (rephrasing may be needed as well). I pray and believe His Holy Spirit wil guide me through and send right people to help me finishing the book, I can’t do it by my own… I welcome your prayer too throughout all of these times 🙂

Quick fact: I was focusing on the editing just now before then I took a break and see my surroundings. To my suprise, the bookshelves just next to my right side is about Christianity! Wuhuuu.. I am here writing about Jesus and next to me is books writing about His greatness too. A very simple coincidence that really excites me 😛

Oh well, I think my time here is up. I urgently need to go to toilet and am very hungry too! 😛 I’ll write again 🙂


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