09.09.09 – “Love Extravagantly!”

This morning I’ve just read 1 Peter 4:7-8, the verses speak strongly to my heart.

“The end of all things is near. Therefore be clear minded and self-controlled so that you can pray.

Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins”


“Time flies even faster!!!”

Perhaps most of you agree with me on this reality. Over the past weeks my mind often goes wondering if God really had any particular meaning in this fast-paced era that’s getting even faster and faster. I find stopping myself in some moments to wonder whether I have lived a meaningful day. If I’m not careful I’d lose days and time without realizing whether I have lived my purpose in this life! Thank God He has given me wonderful dreams and visions to be fulfilled. The vision to glorify His name in the bigger picture has driven me along my paths of life. However my mind also goes to those who live their days without knowing what they are doing or what they really want… I pray for them to find the eternal purpose of living on this earth… My heart cries out to those who just ‘wait’ for one day change to another without really get the full meaning of each… My heart also cries out to those who think they have lived a wonderful life (good career, good family, gain much wealth, etc) but if they look closer (or from God’s point-of-view) they live for nothing (they live for themselves, simply to satisfy their own pleasures that someday will come to an end, they don’t live for something eternal, they don’t live for God).

They may live a good life, but it’s not meaningful.

As I’m giving serious thoughts over this flying time, I keep asking God what I should really do with my days. I enjoy my time with my boyfriend, brother, and my friends here in Melbourne, I enjoy my ministry in church & FA, I enjoy writing my book in most hours where I’m not doing the first two, but still I ask whether I have lived a meaningful life?

Then these verses came to me this morning and have widened my spiritual eyes. I should not forget the essence of LOVE in every single of my days! When the time is getting near, maximise it by loving each other deeply, said Peter.  It’s time to really love with an action. It’s time to love creatively and in extravagant ways!

The devotional book I’m reading gives an example of a sociologist and pastor who threw out a birthday party for a prostitute he didn’t even know. The day before on her actual birthday, he just overheard her when she said to her friends she never had a party throughout her life. He then asked the owner of the diner if she always come every night and the man behind the counter said yes. So the next day he and the owner decorated the place and baked a special birthday cake. The prostitute was so overwhelmed, she did not touch the cake but immediately took it home, only to return to the party later.

The story didn’t end up with the repentance of the prostitute (maybe later on in her life, I don’t know), but what the pastor did was simply an extravagant act of love! I realized when I love others especially the non-believers, I don’t have to expect them to repent at once because of my act of kindness. My job is just to love them, express my love and caring in action! What God does with their heart is up to Him.

I thank God for this morning devotional’s. It refreshes me in this cool spring time. Don’t forget to love in this fast-paced era, this will add an inch (or even more) to our meaningful life 🙂

GBU my friends!


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