“Grateful” is my middle name :)

After having dinner at Sofia last night with my dad, bf, and my bro I succesfully got knocked down sleeping for 10 hours!!! Hahahahahaha ^^” It was a wonderful moment though… I really love my dad, and I will never give up praying for his salvation… I want him to enjoy the best of his life, walking in God’s truth, knowing and understanding how God loves him so much… I want to be together with him in our eternal life… and I know how God longing for that time to come soon too… I yearn in my soul pleading to God for “quickening His steps in saving my dad”… I could only pray may it never be too late…

I am grateful! 🙂

This morning I am awed by a new revelation that I read from Joseph Prince’s devotional… He discussed Mark 11:23, “Whoever SAYS to this mountain ‘be removed and be cast into the sea’ and does not doubt in his heart, but BELIEVES that those things he SAYS will be done, he will have whatever he SAYS”, about the power of our words to our faith. This verse is very powerful but I personally think it hasn’t got its ‘major effect’ on me… Now there must be something’s missing or lacking of because God’s words and promises are always YES and AMEN. I realize I haven’t practiced SAYING what I believe! Romans 10:17 “Faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word about Christ”.

This is different than saying positive statement, I draw my faith and strength from God’s words alone, not from other wise man saying! For this I have faith that the words I speak will have power to my and other people’s life.

And one thing that awes me is, Prince went on to explain how God changed Abram’s name to ABRAHAM which means Father of Many Nations even before he got any child. So that whenever Abraham introduced himself to others, he’s actually saying, “Hi, my name is Father of Many Nations”, isn’t it incredible!?? I’d never thought from that point of view!! Wowwwww….

So right now I want to start to practice saying what I believe.. and the title of this entry ‘”Grateful” is my middle name’, I got it from one friend’s Facebook status update. Just before I read Prince’s devotional about Abraham’s name I’ve already signed “Natalia likes this” 😛 And now after I discover the power of words in my growth in Christ, I become truly understand how this sentence effects me even greater 🙂

I am struggling with discontentment pretty often and I do not want to give up! I want to keep clearing away the rubbish from my heart! So yep, God will help me through I believe, and by saying Grateful is my middle name I will always remember ‘being grateful’ is a part of my identity!

Lord, pls pour out Your grace so Your truth may emanate from my life…

Thank You Lord and I am ready to face another new day You have made! 🙂


One thought on ““Grateful” is my middle name :)

  1. wooooooowww! 😀 should i give myself a middle name too? 😀 heheehehe…
    my babtism name is claudia. so is claudia counted? 😛

    Hahahaha have to check the meaning under the name, but claudia is a very nice name 😉

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