“The Town that Has Continued to Break the Law”

That’s what ‘Nimbin’ has been labelled especially from the authority because of its overwhelming drug addiction.

It’s been a ‘decades-old drug culture’ and has caused an increasing violence and a series of social problems including high rates of mental health and homelessness within its population of 500.

What are they missing, Lord?

Some people say why bother for this small town consists of ‘500 hippies smoking weeds’. Yet I know You care for them one by one, Lord…

The cannabis is not the problem, their heart is…


I read this comment from a thread dated back in 2004:

“Nimbin is a disgrace, possibly the worst advertisment for the cannabis community in the world. Go there, and you’ll have 100 losers trying to sell you dope. An old school friend of mine died there with a needle in his arm. It’s a horror in one of the most beautiful places you’ll ever see. The dope sales fuel heroin habits. I’m not fond of cops, but this town needs to be cleaned up”

How can I share the truth, Lord? What is it that You want to share through me?

ps: I’ll be going for a mission trip to Nimbin early next month and will give a message in the Sunday service at one local church with its major theme derived from John 4 about the Living Water. Holy Spirit, I know You will reveal Your heart simply by Your grace. You love this people, Lord. Put Your heart and Your compassion in me. I want to experience the joy of sharing Your heart… 



Share your experience in the comments box below :)

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