“Top 50 Questions in Life”

While I’m trying to arrange my sermon for the mission trip (NEXT WEEK!!! OMGGGGG!), “isenk2” I googled and found this interesting article submitted in a threat on July 2009 “Top 50 Questions”:

1. What is the meaning of life?Too Many Questions in Life! :P

2. Is there a God, a Creator of the world?

3. If there is a God, does He care for and govern the world or has He left it to fend for itself?

4. What is truth?

5. Are their absolutes, good and evil, right and wrong?

6. If there is truth, where is it?  The Bible, evolution, the Koran?

7. Are the resources of our world, food, oil, electricity meant for our use or is our use of them an invasion of the natural order?

8. If food is not meant for consumption, why is it so perfect for this purpose?

9. Is death the penalty for sin or the natural end of life?

10. Is there life after death?

11. Is there a Heaven and Hell?

12. If there is a Heaven and Hell how do we gain one and avoid the other?

13. Is there one way to Heaven or many?

14. Will we get to Heaven by good deeds or God’s grace?

15. What is the world’s greatest problem?

16. How can we solve that problem?

17. What is the place of Human Beings in our cosmos?

18. Do we have significance in the Universe?

19. Are we more important than animals?

20. If we are not more important than animals, is eating human flesh, say killed in an auto crash, permissible?

21. Is human life sacred because created in God’s image or do we have a utility of life ethic, so that those who do not produce become expendable?

22. Is a farmer more important than a professional athlete?

23. Is an actress more important than a soldier?

24. Is there ever a just war?

25. What is the purpose of Government?

26. Is civil government supposed to provide for all our needs and desires or just protection so we may provide and seek our own dreams?

27. Is Obama really a Messiah?

28. Are there other kinds of government that should be encouraged, for example: self government, family government, church government or are all these wrong? 

29. Will the Cubs ever win another World Series?

30. Will the Vikings or Bills win a Super Bowl?

31. What is your favorite food?

32. How are you?

33. Do you love me?

34. Will you marry me?

35. Does any basketball player match Jordan?

36. Tiger or Jack?

37. Is manmade global warming real or a lie?

38. Are more and more taxes and bigger government good for our country or only for politicians?

39. Cats, dogs or fish?

40. Hamburger or hot dog?

41. Money, fame, power, sex or Heaven, what drives you?

42. Children or no children, many or few?

43. If you were an animal which would you be?

44. Yes or no?

45. To be or not to be?

46. What must I do to be SAVED?

47. Mac or PC?

48. Favorite movie?

49. Favorite quote?

50. How’s the weather?

From these 50 questions mostly asked by people in this world, interestingly almost half of it related with God, life, and truth. Have you found the answer to all these questions? If you don’t, what will you do about it? If you do, do you have the need to share it to those who don’t know yet?

I haven’t got plenty of time to discuss about this further cos I still need to continue my meditation hahaha… So this is just a quick post, just giving points for you to ponder , catch you all later 😉 Before I leave, I remember this one song (I wish I had time to record my voice singing this song, maybe next time :P):

“Jesus is the answer, for the world today

Above Him there’s no other

Jesus is The Way

If you have some questions in the corners of your mind
And traces of discouragement and peace you can not find
Reflection of the old past, They seem to face you every day
There’s one thing I know for sure that Jesus is the way

I know you got mountains that you think you can not climb
I know that your skies have been dark, You think the sun won’t shine
In case you don’t know, I’m here to tell you that the World of God is true yeah
And everything that He’s promised, I tell you he would do it for you
Let me tell you that”

Words & Music by Andare Crouch and Sandra Crouch


Share your experience in the comments box below :)

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