I really enjoyed my last weekend.. If I could give a theme it’d be “Friendship Week” hahaha… on Saturday I had FA outing, we went for lunch at Korean restaurant “Oriental Spoon” then went for karaoke at K-Box… then on Sunday night had a Christmas dinner at my house with my church friends… In the end all the sweat (if there was any cos Melb has a sudden cooler weather these days :P) meant nothing, all I got is the JOY in fellowshipping… 🙂

Then I remembered one of my dreams (yg sampe skrg msh belon kesampean) to have my birthday celebrated by all my close and lovely friends (plus di-surprise-in juga… Honestly kalian semua yg udah pernah disabo pas bday harus b’syukur krn aku aja dr dl mau tp ga pnah kesampean krn tiap ultah tgl 27 Des itu musim liburan semua teman berpencar liburan masing2 hiks… ^^”).. Aku seneng aja rame2 gitu… (eh dr sini entry ini kok berubah jd in Indo yah hahaha)…

Trs pas habis xmas dinner malem itu, honestly aku tuh senenggg bangettt… tampangnya pokoknya msh sumringah gitu deh after all the friends left…apalagi liat tempatnya smua udah bersih dgn cepat (thanks to my lovely bf yg banyak bantu semuanya, we’re truly a great team yeyyy :P)…

That night I slept with a smile on my face, thanking God so much… Rasanya ‘kebales’ deh kl taon2 sblmnya blm bs ngerayaiin ultah bareng2 ma tmn2 kaya gitu yg penting skrg ini udah bisa (meski bukan ngerayaiin ultah tp yg penting udah ngerasaiin joy bareng2nya gitu… 🙂 ).

Pengennn banget sih one day bisa kumpulin semua org yg aku sayang (family members including my nicest aunties and my grandpa, plus temen2 deket aku di Melb n Indo -plus yg di Singapore kl bs, my bestfriends of more than a decade! And of course, my lovely bf :D) buat bareng2 have a dinner gitu… Susah ya buat bnr2 bs kumpulin semuanya, apalagi kl beda generasi digabung semua gitu ya hahaha…

Niweiii.. kaya gini pun aku udah feel so grateful banget krn aku tetep punya org2 yg berarti n aku sayang dlm hidup aku… Aku jd keinget satu ayat ini yg bs aku jadiin “prinsip dlm berteman”:

“Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves.

Not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others” – Philippians 2:3-4

Lord, I know this is not easy, but I am willing to adopt this principle -Your words- in my friendship… in all of my relationships… Help me Lord because I know You can…

Love you all of my friends 🙂

Xmas Dinner ~Nov 29th 2009~ 🙂

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