Super Power in Prayer!!!

Prayer DOES Work!!!

The Lord has strengthened my faith even deeper in the power of prayer…! I’ve been praying for three of my highschool friends for a year now, for they to come to receive Jesus as their Lord & Savior too… Then for the last month I notice something’s different in one of them, in their Facebook status updates! She wrote Bible verses and sometimes some lyrics of Christian songs!! Indeed I am so delighted with this ‘progress’!!! I know I’m far away here in Melb meanwhile they’re all in Jakarta and I don’t have any direct access to ‘sow God’s words & goodness’ to them, but I have direct access to the Lord, the Source for the power of change, and He’s able to do much more than I could!!! Thank You so much, Lord!!! I believe all the prayers will not go in vain! I believe all prayers that I dedicate to my mom and dad (and also for the other of my two friends) will also not go in vain!

God, I just want to see things from Your eyes, I just want to share Your heart in me… Even though I cannot witness their change by my phsycial eyes, I believe You are God who’s capable to work their heart by my eyes of faith! Lord, continue to work Your salvation in these souls’ heart, continue to pour out Your mercy and grace for them, and allow me by Your grace to be able to witness by my own eyes Your ‘hidden’ works in their life!


One thought on “Super Power in Prayer!!!

  1. please pray of my cuontry (india)……

    Sure bro… fyi my church always pray for a nation every sunday service, we’ve prayed for India too last month! 🙂 God always have heart to ‘souls’… 🙂

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