Welcome David Fleming to the Kingdom of God!! :D

David's Baptism ~ March 27th 2010

TODAY!!!! As you can see, the day of David’s baptism ~ ‘My Grandpa’, my great friend!!!

I met him first time in 2007 on a bus on my way to work… I’ve just edited my book two days ago and I’ve arrived to the chapter when I first met David, and the moment was right as this day arrives, for me to reflect the journey of how God’s grace has miraculuously worked in David’s life! How old you are doesn’t- WILL NOT prevent the power of God’s salvation to work His amazing grace in your life!

My tears was overflowing as I saw him immersed in the pool water… The grateful heart for his salvation mixed with a pleading heart to God for the same to happen to my father… I was imagining if it was my father who was in that pool, proclaiming his faith in public through the baptism… I could only say to God in my heart, more like convincing myself, that my prayer will not go in vain… even though my eyes see nothing’s changed in my dad and family’s life but what God is working in each of my family members’ and my dad’d heart is only known by God alone… and with faith I can believe that God works all things good for my dad… The same promise God promised me is also available for my dad, for my mom, and for my brother and his family…

As for my younger brother I am SO grateful he can know and be closer to God since he’s in Melb… I pray for him to experience God personally and to welcome the Holy Spirit to take control of his life and have communion with Him in his daily life…

Today, is the day of remembrance…

That NOTHING is impossible for the Lord…

That God is ABLE to work much more than my prayers and imaginations…

That every seed of good works, God’s words, and prayer NOT ONE go in vain…

I thank You Lord for David… I thank You to put him in my life, to be a blessing for me…

When the greatest miracle of salvation has been received, no other miracles could compare (including healing)-KD


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