“Papi Di Surga”

Yipiii! Finally I can download WordPress application to my BB! This is the first trial 😀 Now I can update my blog more often anywhere anytime (as long as my BB is with me, I loveeee BB! Thanks Dad in Heaven for giving me this through my mom :P)

Well, I’ve been lifted up HIGH since last Sunday! Amazing thing has happened! On Sunday when KD preached his sermon about “The Encouragement, Assurance & Foundation of Prayer” taken from Matthew 7:7-11, I had been crying since the first 15 minutes of his preaching n’ that’s all way through the end (I managed to keep it as quiet as I could!) It was all because he mentioned some sentences that straightaway touched my heart… About a father & child relationship in a family…

The right understanding about God the Father really serves as our foundation in prayer. And the key is in verse 11, “How much more our Father in Heaven will give good gifts for those who asks”

Key 1. “Our Father in Heaven”
– God wants us to see Him as our Father! God wants to have a close relationship with us. The more we communicate with God (that’s what prayer is), the closer we are. KD said ‘communication reflects the closeness of a relationship’. This is where then I started to cry. My disappointment over my dad overwhelmed my heart… And I guess through what had happened these last two days, I realize my disappointment over my earhtly father has clouded the true & perfect image of God as my Father in heaven… I need God to correct my understanding for sure…

Key 2. “How Much More”
– In this verse Jesus referred a good father who knows how to give good gifts to his children as ‘evil’. This is not a message of condemnation, but it has a meaning that no matter how good our earthly father is, they are nothing compared to the goodness of our Heavenly Father! Our earthly father is still human, sinful in nature. If they know how to give good gifts to his children, HOW MUCH MORE the incorruptible Father God in heaven!

Key 3. “Good Gifts”
– When God doesn’t give us what we want, when He says NO, the problem is not in giving, but in asking (the truth that God has given His only Son to die for us has shown He has not a problem in giving freely what’s good for our eternal life!). A Father will never give bad gifts, but a child may ask bad requests! (Will you give a knife to your child when he/she desperately crying asking to play with it? Of course not!)

– We have to learn not only about God’s love but also God’s WISDOM. He has His divine reason when He says NO to us. God created this world including every human’s life with His words & wisdom, do you think He doesn’t know what’s best for you? (Yet we, including me, often feel hard to surrender because unconciously we have already thought we have better knowledge of how to take care of our own life!)
We try to put God in our uniform, in our worldy & limited definition of love, that is only when the other person gives us what we ask. When they don’t grant it, we claim they don’t love or care for us.
But with every God’s no, there’s a hidden amazing love of God only with eyes of faith we can see!

Key 4. “Those Who Asks”
– Simple, ask whatever you need or want! Yet when God says No or Wait, accept it with a trusting heart that He knows what’s best for us!

All these points I wrote overwhelmed my heart!

Especially with the part that God wants to lift up my sadness & disappointment over my dad and replace it with joy of fixing my eyes to an even greater FATHER – my GOD!!!
N’ thanks to Jesus because of Him and His cross I deserve to call the Almighty God as my DAD! (John 14:6 “I am the way, the truth, & the life. NO ONE comes to the Father EXCEPT through Me”)

The thing is, I’m having many problems, challenges, burdens, dilemmas nowadays, but I never expect God would start His restoration by getting my HEART right first with my earthly father!!!
Also yesterday in Monday’s Prayer Meeting, I was so blessed by God’s deliverance & comfort!!!
After I dismissed twice invitations for my need to be prayed by others (in workers prayer meeting last month & last week’s prayer meeting), yesterday I finally stood up and accepted the invitation.
I said to God this is my act of faith that I believe prayer will set me free!!!
Before then I thought I still could endure the burden by myself, I didn’t want other people to ‘get busy praying for me’. But after suffering for so long I couldn’t stand it, I stood up in front of God calling His name for deliverance & breakthrough over my life! I abandoned my pride and shouted out to God, I NEED YOU LORD, please deliver me!!!

I really thank God for Ci Lyd & Ellen who prayed for me last night. I couldn’t remember all they said but I was definitely sure all words they prayed was a silent cry of my heart after all these times! And when KD prayed for me he only said simple words, “Lord, I believe, help my unbelief! You are my Father!!!” yet that’s what’s been in my heart since the day before! The same prayer “Lord I believe, help my unbelief!”

Last night I received something new! I can call God as “Papi di Surga”!
I call my earthly father ‘Papi’ and I’ve never be able to call God the same! I felt I couldn’t be able to relate to God with that kind of ‘bond’ & intimacy! Yet last night suddenly I couldn’t stop calling God with that name! And when I prayed I really enjoy the intimacy calling Him ‘Pa’!
All of sudden when I pray I begin to understand I ask and tell things just like to my own Father! I can relate better with God from this renewed perspective!

My earthly father is rarely available to hear my thoughts, dreams, plans – but with this Dad, with this Papi, I can tell ALL things I want anywhere anytime! No need to wait for response (and be left in disappointment when I receive nothing), this Papi is very close to me, as near as a simple prayer!

I also realize, or ‘suspect’ if I may say, that over all problems He choose to get this right first (not necessarily the situation, but to get right firstly MY HEART), because He know how the freedom over this matter will really equip me in my future life (in my marriage as well as in my own family life later). It doesn’t feel comfortable now, but it will do so much good later, and when I reflect back I am 100% sure that I will still say God is so good to me!!!

God has answered my prayer on Sunday too! I prayed in tears, may my disappointment toward my earthly father will only draw me closer to my Heavenly Father, and through Him I gain His perfect love to love my earthly father perfectly…

Thank You so much Papi di surga… Aku mau tidur dulu skrg… I love You so much Pap!!! 😀


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