Strong AND Loving

Rich Stevenson in his book “Secrets of the Spiritual Life” discussed Psalms 62:11-12 in his chapter about ‘Trust’

“One thing God has spoken,
Two things have I heard: that You, o God, are strong, and that You, O Lord, are loving”

The combination of these two attributes ‘strong’ and ‘loving’ makes this verse an essential description of our Father.
If our God is only strong, we will worship Him in fear! Isn’t this that other gods of the world demand from its worshippers? To obey out of fear otherwise life disaster come.
But thank God for He is also loving!
God is love! Have we grown so accustomed to those words that they no longer have meaning?
Have you known God as His true image, not the image that you create in your own mind?

Nowadays it’s difficult to trust someone.
Trust has become an endangered species. Sometimes I had someone approached me at the street while I was walking, and without hearing their intention, I’ve already taken some precaution steps. Most of them asking for money, but some only asked for street direction. Not only to strangers, nowadays people even can’t trust their own friends, their own wives/husbands!

This has made many people feels difficult to trust God. They have created a humanly image of God in their own mind, thinking that God is the same with sinful human.. We imagine that God is a stern judge, have trouble forgiving, only do what’s good if there’s a catch behind it, but He’s not like us!

How have we missed that the very essence of God is love and that His steadfast love endures forever?

Why did God want David to know that He is strong and loving?
Why would He want you to know this?
If we believe that God is strong and loving, then what is produced in us is exactly what God deeply desires from us: TRUST!

If God were only strong, as I said before, we will worship Him out of fear only, we come to Him cowardly.
If God were just love, we might want to be with Him, but we would not depend on Him when a mountain needed to be moved or an enemy needed to be defeated. If God were only a kind grandfatherly being, we might want to sit on His lap, but we certainly wouldn’t sleep well at night knowing that the whole universe was under His control.

But God is not either/or… He’s BOTH! He is strong AND loving!

Our Father spoke the word and there was light.
He breathed into clay and there was man.
He gave an aged couple a good laugh and then a promised son eventhough they ‘as good as dead’.
He plagued a pharaoh and rescued a race where Jesus came from.
He caused a fish to catch a man and a man to catch a boatload of fish.
He took down a gianz with a boy and a sling and fed a gigantic crowd with a boy and his lunch.
He stopped the sun from setting and caused the Son to rise.
Our God is absolutely strong!
Yet He is so loving and His mercy endures forever…

We will trust God more when we know more of how much He loves us..
The problem is with us, not Him.
He is all perfect, just, and righteous!

What differentiates my God than others?
Others may be succeed in causing people to worship and respect them out of fear.
Yet only Jesus offers love out of His almighty power.
He was made sin to replace our position at the cross.
He was made poor so that we become rich in His eternal glory.
LOVE is what makes the difference…

Five years ago that is what He showed to me..
His perfect, unconditional love that able to fill my vacuum shaped heart,
The kind of love that nobody else never and will never be able to offer to me the same way as He did, even not from parents, partner, friends…

Everyday, yes everyday, there will always be challenge and temptations from the world and from my ownself (flesh) trying to replace that Perfect Love with immediate satisfaction and pleasures, trying to replace His highest position in my heart (called as temptations of idols)..
Many times I lose. Yet for that countless many times as well He forgives me, His love for me never be less because I ‘lose’ or more just because I ‘win’.
Just perfect!

The kind of love that no others gods of this world can offer!

Both strong AND loving
– that is Jesus Christ 🙂

Have a blessed Wednesday everyone 🙂


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