“Lazy to Pray”

One fact that I know is true about prayer, it shows the level of your dependence toward God. When you don’t pray, you don’t need Him. The truth hits me hard indeed. No matter how many words you say how much you need God, but if you don’t pray as hard as you said you need Him, then the cold hard fact is: you don’t need Him.
I have known this truth, yet I have to admit I don’t change straightaway to be a prayer warrior…
Like last night for example, I was so lazy to pray! I was very sleepy and I didn’t really know what I wanted to say to God… Of course I knew I have a lot of things to be thanked for on that day (for example, my bridesmaid-to-be has booked for me a place in Mulia for my wedding dinner reception! That is a very great news!), but still the laziness ate my desire to pray!

Then this morning when I woke up, I come to Him in my ‘quick prayer’. When I first started it, I was still lazy. Then I imagined if I and the Lord are best friends, which best friends are lazy to talk to each other? Even to say ‘Hi’? There’d be none, right!? Therefore, I urged myself to start my prayer without any delay…
Bless him o God, bless her, bless this and that… I need You on this, that… etc etc etc…
Apparently, there were many more things that I didn’t think would come to my mind as I prayed, and it made our conversation to be longer than I expected! (eventhough it was still a ‘quick prayer’)… turned out that I had a lot to tell to God! (and He must have too!)

As I walked to Lilo today, I wonder if the way I talked to God is similar to the way I sometimes talk or relate to my parents or to particular friends…
Before initiating a conversation I sometimes didn’t really know what things I should talk about. But then when I’ve started, the conversation went along and before I realized, I really enjoyed that quality chat and time! It was an intimate time to be shared together! And not only I had the chance to share what’s in my heart, what things I like or dislike, but I get to know more of them too!!

Isn’t prayer a two-way communication too? Yes it is! Because my God is alive!

What things actually hinder me to be lazy to pray if I knew my God is alive and He never neglect those who come to have an intimate time with Him…? There’d be nothing IF I really have faith that He is alive, He’s watching and waiting for me to come to Him, to share what’s in my heart, to be willing to know what’s in His heart too!

That’s my challenge!

I wish there’s an instant medicine not to be lazy to pray, but I believe God makes it as a process so my love for Him is built on genuine intimacy
O Lord, I want to see more of Your beauty God… Draw me closer to You, God… It is not by own power I seek You, You have called me first, and let my spirit, soul, and body listen to Your calling…
Thank You for Your love, patience, and faithfulness…


One thought on ““Lazy to Pray”

  1. Oh this is so good!!! I also have times I feel to lazy to pray,thank God for he never fails to help us.I’m learning more & more as I grow how very important prayer is,and you’re right we love our Heavenly Father so we talk to him the same as we do a good friend,which he is,and then we listen.God is so good and I also long to grow even closer to him.
    Love you Natalia 😀 😀

    Yes every joy and even ‘struggle’ in following Jesus faithfully everyday will only bring us closer to Him and experience more of His grace 😉 thanks so much for your time to write your comment here Pat, love you too sister and God bless u abundantly! 🙂

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