Love Letter to dear Jesus

If I can be in heaven together with You forever & ever, it is not because I am holy as You are holy..
But only by the blood of Your Son, Jesus Christ, that has sanctified me and set me free..
Made me deserve heaven, eternity, and knowing You, the almighty God, the Creator of the whole universe..

Lord, I am amazed by Your great love. I will give You thanks with all of my heart. I will tell of all Your marvelous works… Things that You have done, things that You are doing, things that You will do…
In my life..
They are all good..
From the day I was born You have set a purpose for me..
To be Your daughter, to be Your worshipper, to be the apple of Your eye… I am the object of Your love, God.. And how I am so honored, and privileged..

Lord, I want to learn to know more of You… Your character, Your love.. Everything about You, Your Son, and Your Holy Spirit…

Lord, thank You for inviting me first to come freely in knowing You, Lord..
Thank You that You do not hide Yourselves from me, You always let Yourselves be met by me, a mortal human..
Thank You so much, Jesus…

I want to give You thanks for my fiancee, my family, my friends, my belongings.. All the blessings that I can enjoy while I am still in this earth… Let You reign above all of them, God…

I love You, Jesus. You know how vain and weak my love is yet You welcome me as who I am…

Thank You Jesus, I am ready to take a rest in my sleep, in Your presence.. Even as I’m sleeping You’re watching at me, You are God who never sleeps nor slumbers..
My life is perfectly saved in You and Your mighty power.
As I awake tomorrow morning, may my heart be filled with overflowing praise as You have allowed me to experience another day with You on this earth, with all the blessings that You have prepared..

Thank You Almighty God, good night!

Hug and Kiss,

Nanat 🙂


One thought on “Love Letter to dear Jesus

  1. “Beautiful Love Letter”!!!! I know Jesus enjoyed reading your love letter to him!!!! I also enjoyed it!!!! 😀

    Thanks Pat! God bless you! 🙂

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