God’s Waiting Room

Being in God’s waiting room feels so long for me at the moment… “Until When?” is the question that often pops up in my mind… Then today I’m feeling a bit low on this Ramadhan day… After many years, this is my first time to be in Jakarta in this ‘Lebaran moment’… It triggers some memories back in the past… I remember I used to spend this long holiday season with my family going out to overseas or cities within Indo. Now as I see some teenagers happily updating their status in FB or BB, stating they’re going out for holiday with their family to overseas (Europe or Japan, how fun!), I can’t hide the sad feeling how I want to experience the same with my family… Beautiful places in overseas are just a bonus for me. What’s more important is the opportunity to spend our time together, enjoying the togetherness as a family. I don’t mind to have our time together in Indo either. Going to Bali, Puncak, Bandung – anywhere, I don’t mind. Even just to enjoy a happy family dinner together at home – I don’t mind. But… I don’t have all. I can’t remember when was the last time I experienced these moments… Moments that now can only be in my own imagination…

Lord, when will You bring back my family together as one…? When, Lord…?

I really want to enjoy being in Your waiting room, knowing that You, with the breakthroughs and surprises, will show up. But I’m starting to grow weary, God…


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