Simple Lesson From ‘Tukang’

I was impatient to wait for the AC repairman to come over doing the new installation. After waiting for 3 hours more than the promised time, he finally came *fiuhh.. Turned out he was driving a bike (not a car) to reach our place, a big (heavy) compressor, the aircon, and bag of tools were with him. Then it wasn’t as easy as I thought to install the AC! The repairman who installed the old aircon did it wrong (with the pipe etc) and he had to handily use his hammer to break over the wall (poor wall… Luckily we haven’t lived here yet and much renovation still has to be done..)

Waiting while sitting here observing him working, I kinda admire how he knows every bits in doing it.. It’s a tough job, and surely it comes from, maybe years, of experience.. Then I remember my servants at ‘home’ (which soon I’m gonna say goodbye and hello to my own new home, my own new family!), they’ve been working since young, many hard experiences and difficult times they must have undergone.. Things that surely were very much different than what I’ve been through..

Surely we are all processed by God through our life circumstances.. Could I survive if I have to undergo the same problems and life challenges as theirs? Maybe not..

They are very much shaped through facing (and avoiding) life’s poverty.. Sickness, perhaps.. Limited choices due to poor education and family background..

God has assigned each one of us life’s situations that ‘fit’ us perfectly.. What kind of wisdom He has? Can we trust His wisdom?

Thinking what I’ve been through is hard, how about them? Or for many others in third-world countries who don’t even know what to eat the day after? Who don’t even have the chance to smile or laugh because they’re too frightened out by intimidations, threats, murders, wars in their surroundings?

How many who would take my position now?

I’m sure it will be PLENTY!

Why can I givethanks for my own life?

Stop staring at above.. There’s always more to want..
Looking underneath.. So many people with broken dreams just because they don’t have anymore choice..

Forgive me, Lord..
Forgive me to go astray..
Thank You for Your loving kindness, for Your patience, for Your understanding..

Keep using everyday’s people to teach me lessons, to humble me, dear God..

How I long to return to Your loving hands.. And I am convinced You are always available for me!


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