To Focus

Guess from where am I writing the entry this time?! At a spa centre whereI am being massaged! Haha…

Honeymoon’s time is over, as in our overseas trip (the “honeymoon sensation” will still be there always day by day in our marriage, I pray, by God’s grace), and now is the time for us to FOCUS… Back to the reality of life.. Our greatest challenge at the moment: Finding our source of income.

I myself haven’t got a clear idea of what I want to do in terms of job or business… I am clueless.. And for months while preparing for the wedding, we were waiting for any open doors, yet there is none.. We kinda hope that open doors and opportunities just present suddenly in front of us… Yet there is none…
We have to focus more, do more, be challenged more..
God, do You really want to shape our faith to this far..?

To be honest, I miss Melbourne, for all the ease we could get when we were there… And here, we have to start from stracth..
I am reminded not to chase ‘wealth’.. But to remember what God says in Matthew 6:33, “Seek first Kingdom of God..”

Lord, help us to practice Your word.. Give us clue how to practice Your truth.. Guide us as we witness Your provision day by day..
In Jesus name, amen


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