Experiencing God’s Promotion!

Since moving to our new home, we don’t have any internet connection 😦 I haven’t updated my blog and this note for such a long time, and it’s harder to keep my focus in writing my blog using BB 😛 But I know in my heart I still ‘owe’ this testimony of God’s goodness to my friends who haven’t known yet about my updated story, so today I force myself to be still and stick my focus in typing my BB keypad ’til I finish this! :] (actually I’m at a restaurant as I’m writing this in the middle of my husband’s family gathering lol).

So, after getting married to a very wonderful husband of mine, we were praying for God to provide us a job. I still didn’t know yet in what kind of company I’d apply, and one day when I brought my laptop to a cafe nearby for using its free wifi (hihi), I bbm-ed my cell group’s friend and asking whether her company was opening any job vacancy. I also didn’t know why out of nowhere I ‘chose’ to contact her. Then she forwarded me a short ad looking for an English teacher to work in (one of) the largest shopping landmark in Indo.

Ok, now, a teacher?
To be honest, I thought to become a teacher once or twice but not as an English teacher (I only rely on my years of living in Melb mostly and my hobby in reading and writing :P). But the ad somehow became interesting for me esp the company I’d be working for! I asked my hubby whether I should apply or not and he said ‘why not, u have nothing to lose’, so there I went!

Within two hours someone from the company called me and asked for an interview!! What a grace of God!

In short, I passed to second interview! In that session I had to give presentation on syllabus I’d plan to teach to my students (corporate and employees and outsource eg. office boy, security, etc). That day the training manager from hrd who interviewed me (she’s very nice and ex-RMIT too 😉 ) had something to do so I had to wait at the lobby for a while, and because seating area was full, I sat near the entrance/exit door closed to the absency scan machine.
When she finally called me in, she told me the Senior Manager (SM) of Tenant Relation was interested to interview me as well!!
At our first interview, the training manager once asked me whether I’m interested to apply for any Marketing position since I had educational & working background in that area too, and that time I told her I didn’t mind (I had ‘fall in love’ with the company at first sight, it’s been my dream to work in Retail! I didn’t mind working at any position, as long as it suits my interest).

So, that day, the SM saw me sitting at the lobby and at one glance, she was interested and asked the training manager ‘who is that?’! The training manager herself said that I sat at seat that wasn’t noticeable yet she said ‘you were shining’. I believe God shined out His light unto me that made me somehow caught in the eye of the SM!! Praise God!!

In short, I directly went into an interview with the SM for a position in Tenant Relation deparment and I got offered a position there!! After the interview ended, I still continued with my presentation for my teaching curriculum to the training manager haha.. Then she ‘convinced’ me to take the position in TR instead. There is career path and salary-wise, is much better too than the English teacher. I’m so so blessed indeed!
God has given me much more than I asked and ever expected!!

And now as I’ve entered my second month working there, I know God has placed me at the best place! I even couldn’t imagine if I became the English teacher (my English isn’t that good!! Hahaha…)

It’s so wonderful and amazing how God has worked in my life and how He has provided me with best things!
I did nothing on that day, I was only sitting waiting at the lobby! It was truly God’s grace and favor!

I really enjoy what I’m doing now at my job and I know God place me there to become His salt & light. I am His star, I am there to shine His light..

Now friends, this is only the first part of my testimony! The second part is even more amazing (not in the way I told the story, but how God worked even more amazingly!).
So.. To be continued okkk ;D

To God all the glory ~~


Share your experience in the comments box below :)

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