Experiencing God’s Multiplication, yahoooo :)))

Soooo.. As I have promised, here is my another testimony following up the first one regarding God’s promotion & multiplication early this year 🙂

The story shall continue within short moment after I got the good news of getting a job at retail..
So, on another day I came again to meet the senior HRD to finalize the salary & contract.. She knew I’ve just got married on November, then she pointed out ‘special rule’ in this company: ‘No Pregnancy is Allowed Within First Year of Work’

Ok, I didn’t know why my heart suddenly felt that ‘strange feeling’. I wasn’t pregnant, but why should I felt that kind of feeling?!
After that meeting, I told my husband everything in a sense of worry and fear.
Now, let me take you back to couple of weeks previously happened before my meeting with the senior HRD (as a part of ‘intimate’ sharing heart-to-heart at the moment :P)

Before we got married on last year November, we had always planned to not straightaway having children. Our reason? Most importantly, we felt we weren’t ready yet financially, we didn’t even have a job yet!!
We just went back from Melbourne, struggling to make our ‘home’ here in Jakarta started from scratch. Maybe some of you didn’t have to experience this, givethanks to God, but for us, it is difficult for us when we cannot depend on anyone at all (including our parents)in helping us settling down here.
We feel we are totally alone, totally on ourselves and relying on God’s grace everyday to make all our needs be fulfilled sufficiently, and He always shows us His amazing help and grace in any ways, how He is so full of love to this little young family!
So, we felt it was only ‘a must’ to postpone our plan having a kid, rather not been able to give the best for him/her later on.

Yet, God amazingly did something in each of me and my husband’s hearts. We felt something wasn’t right but we didn’t really know what we had to do. I asked my church friend who has also got married and was on pregnancy at that time, her answer: ‘If God has brought you this far to ‘a marriage’, He will also provide for you to have children including all the upcoming needs’, wow! That is called faith!

I didn’t know why at that time I also felt the urge to read one book that my brother once gave me before I got married. The title: “Start Your Family: Inspirations for Having Babies” by Steve & Candice Watters (hahaha), and that book almost totally changed my heart at once! (The rest of me still felt the doubt)
It explained the purpose that God has designed for each family & marriage, having kids is part of God’s supreme design! All typical reasons people gave when they delayed having kids were explained (I thought, hey that’s me! That’s what I’m thinking too!! So what do I have to do?), and the book was so succesfully convinced me (I think GOD was using the book to change my heart) that those reasons cannot be used as an excuse to not bring God’s will for every marriage on this earth (Genesis 1:28).

There started to rise deep inside my heart a desire to have a child… :’)

Plusss.. I still remember that conversation in the kitchen with my husband (but vaguely for the exact words he used), +- it went like this: ‘Honey, I feel God’s telling me to not be afraid to have a kid now. It is a blessing, why we have to be afraid and reject what God has called as a blessing for us?’

So.. All of those happened only weeks before I got the interview at GI.. And when I heard the senior HRD about the so-called rule, my heart pumped faster. Somehow I knew I had the probability of being pregnant by then!
After a day or two of prayer, God had strengthened my heart for whatever result it might come.
On Sunday, 16 January I knew I am pregnant!!!!! Hihihihihihihi \(`▽´)/
The feeling was… Pretty much mixed at first! Surprised, ‘shocked’, then joy overwhelmed me, I laughed at myself! Hahaha…
I just had the confidence God wouldn’t bring me this far to the miraculuos process of the interview then left me stranded, I knew He has plan!
If I had to choose either the job or the baby, of course I’d choose the baby!! That’s an obvious answer!

So, on Tuesday I met my boss and told her the truth. To my amaze, she did all she could to speak to the management at higher level to ‘abolish the rule’!!! And… I still get the job!!! Hallelujah!!! \(`▽´)/

I know without God’s favour all of this wouldn’t happen! And never for a minute I regret what has happened to this far… The experience of having ‘miracle of life’ inside me (my womb) is beyond wordsss!
My love for the baby over weeks is getting bigger and bigger too, I feel like I wanna hug his/her so tight already! 😛
Thank You Lord for allowing me experiencing Your miracles!

Now my pregnancy is 18 weeks already *blinking eyes hihihihihi…

Our God is so great, isn’t He!?

Well, I have other stories to follow, stories that by the time I share with you I will share it victoriously (right now I’m still facing big struggle over this matter, please pray for me friends…)

Til then, God is gooddddd (and forever and ever) :)))


Share your experience in the comments box below :)

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