Going to ‘7’

My pregnancy is entering 7 MONTHS in another two weeks!! I have known it’s a…… *drum roll*….. »»» BABY GIRLLL! 🙂


Amazingly, I have had a dream of having a baby girl before we got married! In that dream, I even called out her name, pronounced so clearly! When I woke up I searched for that name and turned out it has a very beautiful meaning, depicts my dreams and hopes for this little girl soon-to-be-borned 🙂

As for now, my tummy is getting heavier as the baby grows bigger, I have to be really careful even when I sleep at night so that when I turn my body to the other side, I won’t hurt myself n’ her.. (Cos it did feel hurt in my tummy whenever I carelessly turned to the other side of the bed – fiuhhh)
So far I’ve gained +- 6 kgs, lots of people said my tummy doesn’t look like I’m pregnant for (almost) 7 months haha.. But as long as the baby’s healthy, I am happy 😉 (n’ I don’t have to gain unnecessary extra kgs!)

There are many sweet moments even when she is still in my womb… Whenever my hubby is playing with her, the way she responds by her kicks & knuckles to his and my voice, they’re all feel so wonderful.. And serene… :’)

My prayer for my baby girl,
That she will become a beautiful woman in and outside,
Has a soft and gentle heart, pleasing in God’s eyes,
Be dearly loved by everyone around her; by her family and friends, and most importantly by God Himself…
For her to have a strong faith in Jesus, to experience Him personally since her young age,
Obedience to her parents,
Healthy, cheerful, outgoing, funny, cute, adorable, creative,
Has an incredible singing voice,
Be God’s true worshipper, has a big adorable eyes like my hubby… 🙂

In Jesus name I & my husband pray, AMEN!


Share your experience in the comments box below :)

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