Let’s Continue to Spread the Seeds!

This post from ‘The Vine’ is worth to be pondered on… So I post it here to bless you all too 🙂

“Many great histories of blessing may be traced back to a very small seed. A woman whose name is forgotten once left a Christian tract that was found by a man named Richard Baxter. He picked it up and read it, and it led him to Christ. He became a holy Christian, and wrote a book entitled, “A Call to the Unconverted”, which brought many people to know Christ including Philip Doddridge.

Philip Doddridge in turn wrote “The Rise and Progress of Religion” which led many into the kingdom of God, among them the great William Wilberforce.

Wilberforce wrote, “A Practical View of Christianity”, which was the means of saving a multitude, among them Legh Richmond.

In his turn Legh Richmond wrote the book called “The Dairyman’s Daughter”, which has been instrumental in the conversion of thousands.

The dropping of that one little tract seemed a very small thing to do; but see what a wonderful, many-branched tree has sprung from it! This is just one illustration of how God’s grace springs up from the smallest seed. One seed planted in a heart, dropped by some very humble worker, perhaps unconsciously, may not only save a soul for an eternity, but may start a series of divine influences which will touch thousands of other lives. A simply invitation from his brother brought Simon to Jesus, and what a tree sprang from that seed!

Let us go on, day by day, dropping seeds into as many hearts as we can. We may not always know what comes of them, but from any one of them may spring a history of blessing which will reach thousands of souls. The branches of the tree from one seed may spread over all the nations!

Apply This To Your Life Today… Pray and ask God to show you how to plant a seed that may touch many lives.

Let’s start a race to plant seeds as many as we could while we still live on this earth!



Share your experience in the comments box below :)

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