Happy Birthday Sweet Pea :)

‘Sweet Peas’ is a long-term nickname I’ve been using to call my dearest cousins (there are two of them). We didn’t remember since when we become so close, we only know we’ve become good friends and sisters since we were all teenagers (high schoolers :P). We’re all familiar with each other’s ‘history’ (especially in terms of relationships haha..)
Time flies fast, now I and the other one (Lucy) have got married happily, while the other (Jill) is currently single after going through a (very) long relationship but it ended badly last year. There we were to support her and keep praying for her to find her ‘anointed man’ soon, be patient girl 🙂

After Lucy got married, I become closer to Jill (since we are still living in the same neighbourhood while Lucy has moved to the South), and through our Blackberry Group ‘Sweet Peas’, we still keep in touch with how everyone’s going.

Jill’s family especially, has become a great blessing for me. Her funny parents and two older brothers always add warmness to each of our gathering. I think Jill is very much blessed to have a kind of family like that. Her parents have become like my ‘second parents’, they were the first to know about my pregnancy, and also the one who visited me at midnight after I went home from hospital last month (due to a very high acid in my tummy I had to be infused with three packs of the liquid medicines) huhu..

I often compare them with my own parents & family and how I wish my family could be the same, with the same warmness and togetherness, yet I appreciate the reality that every people is different and have rights to choose their own actions (although many times they hurt me).

Anyway, here I post a picture of our little gathering last Tuesday at Grand Mahakam, for the occassion of Jill’s 26th birthday 😉
The lady next to my left is Jill’s sis-in-law and she’s pregnant too (only 3 weeks apart, her due comes first) \(`▽´)/

Nice Little Gathering @ Grand Mahakam

Thank God for this second family and for every members within 🙂
God bless you abundantly as you have blessed me generously, amen.


Share your experience in the comments box below :)

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