In Between Baby Cribs n’ Other Needs

There’s a lot to be prepared for the newborn-baby soon (2 months to go!), but so far we haven’t prepared anything YET! In between clueless, difficulty in finding time to shop (to ITC – much cheaper than shopping in malls), and being careful in planning our budget and expense..
Nevertheless, step by step I gain many valuable inputs from my work colleagues whom in average have got children, and I thank God for this. I’m planning to custom-made our baby crib too with my friend’s husband (we can save a lot rather than buying one at Mothercare or Cottoniere), and these are some pictures of baby cribs that I love 🙂

Penelope Pink Pottery Barn Baby Crib – would love the underneath drawers to be a lil’ bit higher so we can store more things 😉
Pink Harper Pottery Barns – I have weakness for pinkish baby room 😛

During our financial difficulty like now, every Rupiah counts! Sometimes I grumble and can’t help myself to complain (like last night), at other times I am ‘stronger’ and enjoying the art of saving and buying things wisely. Well, like I said to my husband yesterday, things could go even worse, but we are safe in His mighty hands. He can bring out something good (especially to our innerself -spirit & soul) throughout these challenges.
I’m just very grateful for many caring friends and a faithful husband to be beside me and work all this out together. Some people are unexpectedly giving their help and I’m just amazed by how God’s showing His love through them…
Lord, use me & my husband to be Your hands and feet. So from us they can see Your love too..

Thank You so much God, help us to be faithful towards You alone.
Love You Jesus.


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