The time is coming soon :)

Last night I visited my high school friend who have just got through her labour and gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.. My heart pumped faster as I imagined my time will come soon!
Lord, please grant me Your divine strength & grace.. I’m so excited on the other hand though.. Our sweet baby girl will soon be born into this world and put more color into my little family 🙂
Yesterday me & my hubby went to ITC to buy some more of baby stuffs.. I’m so grateful I’ve got most of the essentials given as presents from my mom & friends (thanks God also for the baby shower held by my close Melbie friend-Dewi). I pray that my life will also be used to bless others in need, so others can also feel God’s love through me..

Praise You, Lord.. For many wonderful works You have done in my life to this date..
Today is also my hubby’s first day at his new workplace.. Bless him abundantly with Your divine wisdom & joy while he works, Your protection and favor will always surround him..


Share your experience in the comments box below :)

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