“Miracle does Still Exist”

Last Friday was my last day before my long 4-months maternity leave, n’ just right before Lebaran holiday. My hubby have one week holiday too ’til next Monday, so really thank God for quality time & days we can enjoy together 😉
Last night we, with my mom & younger bro, spent a quality time dinner together too and I really thank God for this rare moment.. Wish my dad can join too..

Anyway, this morning when I wake up and meditate upon His words, God brought my mind to remember all the goodness He’s done for the last couple of months.. God has delivered us from our problems and have given us ‘more room to breathe’ now.. Really praise Him! I remember there were two occassions in which I could really feel God’s deliverance.. They are really God’s miracles for both of us.. Just in time. Although I wished it could come earlier, when God’s time arrived eventually it IS just perfect & beautiful..

Another thing I’d like to share with you now,
I love musics..In many hard phases in my life so far, specific songs always be a remark in the end when finally I got through the difficult times by God’s grace… For example, for the last couple of months, Pak Niko’s CD “Mukjizat Masih Ada” really encouraged me a lot to keep going through the challenges. Honestly, God has used the songs to strenghten me & my hubby. Those are simple songs sung with no complicated vocal note. However, it’s proven – for a song to have a strong anointing power, it doesn’t really depend on the vocal, musical arrangements, or deliberate keynote. Sure they are all important, but a song that is “simply nice” or “anointed” is just different – your heart and spirit can tell, more than what your ears could enjoy.
And I praise God how He has used one CD to bless me a lot 🙂
I suggest to really choose right whatever music you listen to, because just like what the Bible says, ‘Faith comes from hearing, hearing the word of God’.

Well, that is for now. I’m counting days to come for my delivery (my cousin’s whose due date was only two weeks away from mine have given birth to a wonderful baby boy yesterday!). Meaning I have to be ready soon!
Please Lord, I need Your grace to endure all the labor process… I need Your presence to be there with me. Give me Your divine peace & comfort. In Jesus’ name.
Thank You so much Lord 🙂


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