Welcome to the Real Motherhood!

Aimee's 2-days Old :D

Aimee’s 2-days Old 😀

The waiting’s over! Hello the real motherhood! (I say ‘real’ because the motherhood itself has actually begun since my baby’s in my womb) hehe..

First entry of my blog as a real mom!!
My lovely daughter, AIMEE GRACE HENDRAWAN, was born on 19 SEPTEMBER 2011, 8.20 am (Jakarta’s time), weight 2.71kgs, length 47cm

For now, I just post the pic of cute Aimee two-days old (next Wednesday she’ll be one month old!), and more stories of my ups and downs as a newly mom to follow, so.. Stay tune to Aimee’s mom blog! Hihihi 😀

God’s very faithful!


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