First Role of A Wife

Thank God for This Family :)

Thank God for This Family 🙂

“First Role of a Wife”

“All the married ladies! All the married ladies! All the married ladies! All the married ladies! Now put your hands up! Wo o o, wo o o o, wo o o o o” Singing to the tunes of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” hahaha…

Well, only an intermezzo before I share this one with you. This time what I share is more exclusively to married ladies (but of course single ladies are still welcomed to equip themselves from now on) 😛

There is a saying that “behind every great man is an even greater woman”. For me this statement does not merely present prominent pride for the woman, but also (and most importantly), an inherent meaning of how both man and woman is designated for being supportive toward one and another.
Of course I am very proud being considered as the ‘main subject’ when my husband once complimented me with this saying, but after I take some time to ponder on, my husband is equally important to be considered as the main subject also.
As God’s words in Ecclesiastes 4:9 (NIV) says, “Two are better than one because they have a good return for their labor”, the writer also agrees that the main important subject is neither the man nor the woman, but both of them.
For me, the above saying shows how man and woman (husband and wife) stand together in unity to bring out the best from one and another. No one is more conspicuous than the other; each one has a designated role from God, and when both of them are able to fulfill each of their purpose within a family, a wonderful marriage with Christ as the Head will be established as the result.

From many of my roles as a wife, recently God reminds me once again of the most prominent one, to be the Prayer Tower of this family.

This reminder relates with my recent experience (our current struggle and dilemma) which below I’m going to share with you.
It’s been more than two months my hubby often come home very late from work ever since he works in banking (when I say ‘very late’, it is VERY LATE. Think that finishing work at 9 pm has already overworked? Well, most of days my husband go home at 12 am and even later than that (the record hit at 3.30 am!:( )
This is completely a new experience for both of us. He never had overworked that much (crazy, sick, much!) and I also never had to wait for him until that late (crazy, sick, late!) Even though now I have had Aimee, I admit I still feel alone sometimes without my husband, and how I wish to spend quality time with him and Aimee together more often. Whenever he’s able to go home early is like winning a door prize for me.

During the time of waiting, I often get furious and annoyed. My resentment will go double because I know nothing I can do to change the situation. Complaining and getting angry will even make me more stress. I question God ‘why did He give him this job’ and when I’m caught in desperation I’d say to my husband “just quit and find another job!” However, deep in my heart, I also know this job is for him and it is not his time yet to change his workplace. My spirit discerns there is something more that God wants us to learn from our current situation.
So, nothing I can do much especially when God seems to say, “Carry on, you’ll see nothing will go in vain” I can only OBEY and hold on to His promise and beautiful plan for me and my husband.

One day (on 1st November, to be exact, that day when “the record of 3.30 am” was hit), I couldn’t contain myself anymore. I spat my hatred about his job and his boss at 4 am to my husband and saying “I had no hope to begin a new day tomorrow because I couldn’t bear to have another moment of waiting” (me in my dramatic mood-this is not good). Surprisingly my husband’s response is, “Honey, don’t say that because it will only bring me down. Just be patient. There is time for everything”

The morning after, Holy Spirit reminded me of how my words as a wife have great power for my husband! Proverbs 25:11 says, “A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver” and Proverbs 18:21 “Death and life are in the power of the tongue”
Every words that are spoken by our tongue has a very significant impact toward people around us, especially people who are closest to us!

I could hear Holy Spirit’s still voice in my heart saying, “Step on faith and leap higher to be more like Christ” (‘Berpijaklah pada imanmu, melompat lebih tinggi agar menjadi semakin sama dengan Yesus’)
Faith is my stepping stone in doing all things that go align with God’s will, without faith I can do nothing while with faith, everything that I do can mean something!
Faith can move God’s heart, faith can do anything beyond our dreams! FAITH is the start to be prayer tower for my family!
It doesn’t require any complicated things. I don’t have to be a ‘super wife’ first to support my husband in prayer.

Now I become more understand why a husband’s role generally is defined as ‘priest’ while a wife’s is as ‘the prayer tower’. It doesn’t mean husbands don’t have to pray (part of a priest’s duty is of course to pray as well). My husband always pray for me and Aimee, he specifically lay his hand on me and our baby and bless us individually. Yet, I still feel the responsibility to pray for each and every detail by large goes on me, and I don’t mind. God has a gift for every woman to generally have a more sensitive heart compared with men. Women tend to care for details, is much more a planner and a visionary. I realize these are God’s unique gifts for women and we have to utilize it well whenever we pray for our family!
Our prayer can be a lot more specific, in details, and using our faith we can visualize God’s dreams and wills in our life to speak prophetic words into many other people’s life (including for our husband and kids).

With prayer I support my husband in ‘backstage’; with action he leads this family in ‘front stage’. All these based on faith. We do this hand-in-hand and all these make us a team, God’s team!

So, I really thank God for this revelation which has changed the way I react now if my husband comes late from work (although like I said, I’ll be very very happy like winning a jackpot if he’s tango :P)

To summarize, returning to the saying I quote earlier “Behind every great man is an even greater woman”? For me, “Behind every great man and woman, there is an even greater God”

May God bless each one of your relationships in Him 🙂

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