2012 – Year of God’s Favor

Hellloooo.. ┣┫ɑややy New Year to all the bloggers (n’ readers) 🙂 Twelve days has past from the New Year and soon it won’t be really ‘new’ at all…
After experiencing many miracles of God’s multiplication & promotion last year (read my post NY2011), this year ‘theme of my life’ is Living in God’s Favor
Nevertheless, I’m still asking God what His favor really means in my life… When I’m asked ‘what/how do you define God’s favor in your life?’, I wanna be able to answer it based on my personal experience and not just giving a ‘cliche answer’.. That’s the first I want to know but will require a one-full-year to explain it later…

Meanwhile, this year will be even more colorful.. I have got Aimee; my very lovely, cute, & sweet baby (going to 4th month on this 19th °\(^▿^)/° ), I’ve resumed my work in GI with a ‘new position’ (more responsibilities), and of course, my beloved hubby will always be at my side (love you so much) 🙂 and I believe the Lord will do even greater work in my family’s life (my parent’s salvation n’ other yet unanswered prayers to come), plus more of heart changing experiences and teachings everyday will be given by my precious Teacher..

On my last 29th birthday and this New Year, I only prayed a simple prayer,
“I desire to be a wife, mother, and daughter who’s pleasing God’s heart”
I realize those three main roles in my life aren’t a coincidence.. God destined those for me.. At such this time and place…

Dear God,
Please guide me for the rest of this year,
I believe You’ll do even greater miracles in my life and in others whom I love,
Draw me closer to You, Lord
Reveal to me things that I don’t understand nor see before,
May the word of my mouth and the meditation of my heart pleasing You,
I love You Lord, and I love even more the way You love me and teach me to love others…
In Jesus’ name, Amen

Jeremiah 33:3

God bless you all 🙂


Share your experience in the comments box below :)

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