“Recent Updates” from the last time I wrote in this blog (almost 3 months ago-wow):
1. Aimee turns 6 months this 19th °\(^▿^)/° couldn’t describe how much I’ve been blessed by having her… that warm feeling I have whenever I see her smile, play with her, or just being beside her.. Thank You so much Lord for letting me feel feelings I’ve never thought I could have before.. That amazing love toward my daughter, simply blessed.

2. My daily activities generally go like this: weekdays -work until evening then come home playing with Aimee til she sleeps (really enjoy this time), then my time to rest with my husband 🙂 (really thankful for my nanny, the process in finding and hiring her is also a miracle, I know God was at work because I specifically praying for God sending ‘His nanny’ after felt hopeless interviewing several candidates without finding the match, and He did!)
Weekends -family quality time ヽ(ˆ▽ ˆ )ノ
We would do family activities together in the afternoon and usually then date night with my husband haha..

3. We moved church since last year December (maybe I should write a separate entry about this later). Now we go to Mawar Sharon Church at Tribeca, Central Park, with my mom, younger brother, and recently (last month exactly) my dad also join!!! This is a miracle! I know this only is the beginning of the miracle I’ve been praying for more than 10 years-keep on working Lord..! Save and change my parents’ life.. That’s my greatest desire at the moment…

Well, that’s it for now.. In limited time, writing in short ‘recent updates’ like this would be effective right haha.. Keep on loving God and His people!


Share your experience in the comments box below :)

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