“Nanny 911”

Last week was a tough week for me.. on Monday morning our nanny suddenly said she needed to go back home because her mom was hospitalized and she didn’t know when she would return to Jakarta back  to work.. in other words, she resigned. As you may have known, i am a full time worker, so is my husband. We are a few among many full time worker parents out there who really feel grateful to the existence of so-called ‘nanny’ (those working moms who have had a reliable nanny must relate well to my story here..)
I straightaway contacted several nanny providers that day but couldn’t find a single nanny available.. apparently it’s particularly difficult around this month as Lebaran will be coming soon.

On Monday night, we had to make a tough decision which was to let her go the next morning without having found her replacement yet.. We didn’t want anything bad happened to her mom while she was ‘forced’ to stay.. my husband and me straightaway plotted our days off to take care of Aimee respectively in return (thank God my boss allowed me taking 2 days off in such a short notice).

On Thursday, my aunty was willing to accompany me looking for a nanny, visiting several nanny provider at Kota, found none available before finally we got one near Latumenten! Then on Sunday my mom-in-law came to cover us so both of us could go back to work the next Monday without having to worry much leaving Aimee with the new nanny. Really thank God for His help which came in time of need.

Right now I’m still planning to find another replacement for the nanny as apparently she’s not that capable enough compared with the previous one (according to our standard), and if my mom-in-law wasn’t here, i don’t think i can trust leaving Aimee with the nanny.. it may seem a simple issue of a nanny, but when we have been in a comfort zone where everything has been in order and when suddenly that simple thing is taken out, the result is a disorder, a “chaos”…

Well, i just want to share, being a ‘mature Christian’ doesn’t feel that easy.. often i cry out to the Lord pleading for His help, but it feels so long for me to wait until that help to arrive.. being confused with the nanny problem on the Friday, there was also a big family problem at the same time plus a struggle whether I had to quit from work (while how our needs can still be sufficiently fulfilled).. I tried to face it all in faith and hope to please Him, but many times I’m not that strong.. and in humbleness i could see myself not that mature enough..
Yet after i got it through at least the half way, eventhough i may not seem to receive God’s answer in a viable way, God did speak through all the occurrence, opening doors according to His wills, closing one which are not..

LORD, please provide a way.. and strengthen me while I’m waiting.. in the end i can only thank You, without Your grace i could not go on..


Share your experience in the comments box below :)

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