Prayer Strengthens Relationships

Prayer is a very strong foundation in every relationship, most importantly with our God, secondly with our life partner 🙂 Nowadays I realized I and my husband have neglected this part for a quite a long time (especially since we have Aimee). The marriage is also not always flowery (every marriage relationship is, I think), and after several ongoing issue that always ended up in a conflict between us, I asked God seriously what’s gone wrong here. He gently reminded me, that we have forsaken the “Love Triangle” (God at the peak, me and my husband at the other two corners). The more we focus our heart and align our eyes to God at the top corner, each of us will be connected even stronger as we move further way up to reach the peak. Prayer is the greatest tool we need to climb up that ladder. Our individual relationship with the Lord is indeed significant, yet “A cord of three strands is not easily broken(Ecclesiastes 4:12). Together (husband and wive) and the Holy Spirit, we are even stronger.

So I prayed to God yesterday morning, to give us an opportunity at night to once again devote our time to pray together, to just sit together and dedicate the time to God. Aimee also did not have any difficulty to sleep, as before 10 pm she has quietly fallen asleep after drinking her milk 🙂 Then, I noticed  flashing message from my Blackberry, from my cousin, with her broadcast message saying an old lady -grandma of her friend- urgently need blood donation as she had to undergo a brain surgery, and the blood type is ‘O negative’. I know my husband’s blood type is ‘O’, but both of us were not sure whether it’s a ‘+’ or ‘-‘.  Apparently, my husband has contacted my cousin prior to my knowledge. Showing the conversation message, he asked whether I would agree if he went to the hospital which was quite far, out from the city, together with my cousin. Don’t know why, I could not neglect this broadcast message. Imagining that if same thing happened to one I dearly love, I would also wish people who have the blood type will voluntarily help in a swift. After giving a thought for several minutes, I responsed with “OK”. Then to my surprise, he came to me and asked me to pray for him. Wow! Here there was, together we were joined in prayer, although in a much different circumstances and topics, but I could feel the intimacy blossomed again through that short moment of prayer. Really praise You, Lord!

After my husband left, God touched my heart, and I could only pray in silence with tears overflowing my eyes, grateful tears. I ask God for forgiveness, for disrespectful things I might have done to my husband. After all, it is God who commands me to honor and obey my husband. Set aside who’s right and who’s wrong, I still have my utmost duty to God and to my husband. Holy Spirit also rebuked me, to love my husband for who he is, someone who has a very kind heart, and that cannot be compared with worldy riches! I bet not every man would want to sacrifice his time and energy to go out of city at almost midnight and donate his blood to whom he does not even know!

My husband is the best from the Lord 🙂

I could also feel how God has missed me a lot… to just spend time intimately with Him…Last night I had it all, I regained it all, and I could only thank God, who truly know the deepest of my heart.

I only prayed nonchalantly for an opportunity to pray together with my husband, and He did give me one, in a much surprising way! I could also see the beauty of my husband’s heart… and that strengthen the ‘vow’ inside my heart :”)

Thank You dear God… This really strengthens my faith, that God surely listens to my prayers, no matter how simple I say it. I relate this with my ‘unanswered prayers’ about my parents… God must have a very good reason to not yet answering it now…. He must have.

Keep holding my hand, dear Lord… I love You so much, and thank You for loving me thissssssss muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….. :’)


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