“The Wedding Anniversary Gift from the Lord”

I meant to write this right after I got the news! Due to some setbacks, fast forward to a week later – here I am – can’t wait to share the goodness of God here! 😀

In my previous entry https://crunchynat.wordpress.com/2012/11/08/journey-to-promised-land-part-1/, when I wrote “The opportunity to move back to Melbourne started lurking”, it actually came when Adi got an email from his previous company there before he moved to Indo.

We had always planned to move around 2013-2014 or to ‘wait until Aimee turned one’, but I don’t really remember how ‘suddenly’ in early September Adi could gave his resume to his friend who are still working in that company, “just in case” if there was any vacancy. Then, 2 days before Aimee turned one, he got the return email from the Human Resource! We couldn’t describe how happy, excited, and surprised we were!!

When Adi contacted them back, apparently they thought he was located in Melbourne as they needed him to commence the work soon. Without any plan yet, indeed we couldn’t straightaway agree and move there. Adi told them that he would contact them again once he’d be in Melbourne. Still jolted with enthusiasm, for the next several days we (my husband, mostly, as he’s our “trusted family’s banker, accountant, & financial consultant” lol) were busy developing budget vs expense estimation for living cost in Melbourne (no wonder his major while in uni was Finance :P).

Next step is to request permission from my parents. I had brought up my desire to move back to Melbourne several times particularly to my mom, and she always answered “it’s up to you since you’ve got married now anyway”, but haven’t really said it to my dad. So after gained some courage and finally found the time when he was actually available to talk, we told him about our plan and “present” him Adi’s calculation.

He raised several issues for us to think over, particularly whether we will be ok financially. I understand his concern is normal as what a father would care for his daughter, and I did appreciate it much. Yet that night I cried and felt like my dream was broken as he said we have miscalculated the expense forecast (he said it should be much higher than that, plus he didn’t want me to ‘live miserably’ there especially when we will be on our own with no relatives). By him saying that meaning he did not agree to our plan.

I did not realize how much I wanted to move back to Melbourne perhaps until that night when I sobbed in the bathroom, I didn’t even understand why I had to ‘mourn’ and be that sad. It was a mixture feeling of got annoyed by the ‘miscalculation’ and being disappointed having to wait until don’t-know-when. At that time I felt I had been stuck with my life here in Jakarta, and thought maybe this was sort of God’s reminder for me not to move to Melbourne just for the sake of having the runaway. In the end, the only feeling left in my heart was: surrender. I gave up my hopes and dreams to God and could only say let Your will be done, You know the best place I should be at.

Next days, we asked couple of our friends with similar demographic background (young family with one children) for their monthly average expense (following advice from my dad to ‘prove’ whether our calculation is reliable or not). One of our old friends is very kind he gave us a very detailed calculation plus additional useful financial tips (his kid hasn’t reached one year old yet), and surprisingly his expense matched with our calculation! (and we know that his lifestyle isn’t ‘bad’ either lol, thanks a lot Yung!). This raised our hope! Yet, as I have surrender all to God, I waited for Him whether we should make a move or not. Waiting for the Lord that He will surely give the best for us, whether that’d be in Indo or in Melb, as long as His presence is with us, we know we are secured. I only prayed somehow there’d be another email from his company which could serve us another “push” to actually move, if, we did really have to.

After kind of ‘forgetting’ our plan to move, suddenly around a week-two later, another email came! This time was from the company’s subsidiary (the company is a huge retailer and have many ‘anak’). The first lady talked about the job with Adi did say that she could not guarantee there’d be one that he could commence soon when he arrived in Melb, yet she said that the position was “frequently sought after”. The email was sort of the evidence!

Back then I did not know whether I just had big guts or whether it was faith (sometimes between them two is only separated by thin line), but after getting that “push” soon after Adi had submitted his resignation letter, and when it came to my turn, I was SO surprised by my boss’ response, she’s very supportive! And funny thing is, we end up resigning on the same date (this Friday will be our last day) hahahahaha…

Then arrived the time when I have to separate for a while with my husband… To be more safe, I eventually agree for him to leave first, to be “Joshua – sent to spy on the Promised Land”. Although it was hard for me not to be able to see him for a while, I know he had to secure the job offer first before we really decide to move there.

Being tossed around by doubt, it was the revelation from God which I wrote in previous entry that sent peace to my soul. I believe what I wrote is from Him as I actually didn’t plan to write about that at all (it has happened many times before that God actually use my own piece of writing as His way to reveal to me what’s inside of His heart).

That particular afternoon before I did grocery shopping for Aimee during my office lunch break and was waiting for an elevator, I had that doubt yet I proclaim to myself that we will see God’s victory. To my surprise, on my way to the supermarket I got an email from the company (Adi’s email is connected to my Blackberry) and said that he could commence work on 19th of November!!!!! Kyaaaaa hahaha…
She just needed to talk about the salary offer, which of course another issue because we have had a figure in mind to ensure we would be ok financially. But reading the email has had made me so happy and glad until I cried! I could not thank God more! I was so amazed by His grace, truly God never lies to anyone of His promise! That He never not finishing what He has started, He never put His children in shame!

Congratulations My Hubby!!!

The next day Adi made a counter offer for the salary offered, before that we have been praying for an exact figure, the HR lady said she had to ask for an approval first and would let him know soon. Once again to our amazement, within the next 2 hours he got what he asked!!! Hallelujah!!

We got the joyful news exactly on our 2nd wedding anniversary on 13 November 2012! So although we are separated by different continent, this is surely the best wedding anniversary gift to this date from God! Hihi

I feel it’s been a long time I haven’t felt that much happy on the day that Adi got the job. It really wasn’t by our own strength, but truly by the grace of God.

We were scared, we worried, and we doubted. Yet, God never fails with His promise and He is a very faithful God.

In the end, what matters most is not about the Promised Land anyway. It’s all about Him. Not about the promises, but the Promiser – God alone.

Every faith experience I have will only reveal more of His characters, and I really desire to love Him all even more along my life journey, as He reveals more of His beauty, glory, love, grace, and faithfulness in my life.
Thank You Jesus. I and my family are nothing without You.

My wonderful Lord

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