In the process of understanding better of my calling…

I missed an entry yesterday cos it’s been a busy and tiring day (plus a blackout at night!). This year I’m just trying to write my blog everyday even though only a short one during a busy day hehe..

Yesterday morning still was a ‘911’ situation because Aimee cried the minute she woke up and wouldn’t let me do anything else. It was easier when I have my hubby around to help me, at least I can have a ‘me-time’ for a moment, like now 😛 But, I realize as part of what I wrote on the first day of New Year, there’s a lot of my mindset need to be changed and aligned with God’s words and perspective. One of them perhaps I need to remind myself that my ‘job’ now is a mother -that is to taking well care of Aimee. Often my mind was distracted by how I have to do this and that, and forgot that my main focus is Aimee, my own daughter. I’ve prayed for this and I get my prayer answered, to have a quality time with Aimee, and I musn’t take that for granted.

I’m facing what other full time moms may also think especialy those who previously worked full time and had a good career, that being a full time mom gives “no or less achievement” compared with one at the office. Well I’m in the proces of letting God changes my mindset and understanding better of my calling being a ‘mother’, please help me in prayer for that 🙂

Well, given only a short time, I have to go now, tty again tomorrow 🙂


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