“February – Need Some Hugs, Please” :)

Hello month of February!

This month I’d particularly focus on the fourth aspect “Relationships” from my 2013 sort-of resolutions (Time, Money, Talent, Relationships), just in time with the “Valentine month” (although in God every month is ‘month of love’ :P)

So, my entry will be derived from the following main definitions of love according to 1 Corinthians 13:4-8:

1 corinthians 131. Love is Patient

2. Love is Kind

3. Love does not Envy

4. Love does not Boast

5. Love is not Proud

6. Love does not Dishonors Others

7. Love is not Self-Seeking

8. Love is not Easily Angered

9. Love does not Keep Records of Wrongs

10. Love does not Delight in Evil

11. Love Rejoices with the Truth

12. Love always Protects

13. Love always Trusts

14. Love always Hopes

15. Love always Perseveres

16. Love never Fails

In the end, I hope I can make some resolutions supported by prayer to do things differently in areas that I’m lack of, and believing in God’s grace to change me from glory to glory to be more like Him.

Although the relationship and examples that I’m gonna discuss here can apply to my relationship with my husband, child, parents, friends, relatives (basically anyone) – I think mostly my story with my husband will be used as the “rat-lab” just because he’s the closest person to me and my ‘soul mate’, yet, God often use closest person in our life to shape our character (in other words, may occassionally annoy us the most haha…)

But isn’t it true, that we tend to behave badly most likely in the relationship that shaping our daily existence

Love is a funny thing in this world. For example, I’d do anything for my husband when he’s in trouble without hesitation, yet would be really annoyed if he arrived home from work and giving me no hug or kiss (instead his attention would straightly go to Aimee) hahaha…

I have brought this ‘issue’ to him but he still often ‘ignored’ it (or in his word, “he forgot to hug me” – how could he forget when he see a mature size human standing in front of him waiting for some affection?) and when he said “you know I love you even when I forget to hug you”, I thought “hug is one of the many languages of love!”.

So, last Sunday when we had a lovely coffee at a cafe at St Kilda Beach thankfully we had a heart-to-heart talk (Aimee sleeping peacefully in her pram) and we discuss other more serious things that each of us will commit to change (marriage does need ongoing maintenance, don’t just let it ‘go with the flow’). And since then my ‘appeal’ to get his full affection when he arrives home doesn’t seem as much important as previously anymore.

Heart-to-heart talk over a good cup of coffee surely feels nice :)
Heart-to-heart talk over a good cup of coffee surely feels nice 🙂
give an eye-look like this to earn your husband's hug lol
give an eye-look like this to earn your husband’s hug lol

Sure, I will always welcome his hug, but when he ‘forgets’, oh well, I just stand right in front of him leaving of only few centimetres- just stand there like a statue- plus giving him an eye-look like ‘pussy-in-the-boots’ in Shrek movie, and voila! Straightaway he understands what that means and will give me that hug I need! Hahaha… (and I will not be annoyed or angry because I have to “downgrade” myself begging for the hug like that lol)

So which area of love that is in 1 Corinthians 13?

I guess besides of being kind to my husband (giving some room for his error in ‘forgetting giving me a hug’), it is a simple application of “love always trust”; “You know I love you even when I forget to hug you” – OK, I will trust what my husband says 😛

I have discussed about this issue “needing-hug-from-husband-when-he-arrives-home-but-he-focuses-more-on-your-kid(s)” to some of my friends and apparently they also had similar experience hahaha… so, I guess this just add to more ‘spices’ to the marriage 😉

More stories and some learnings to follow…. I’m sure some of you also have annoying yet funny moments like this with your spouse 🙂

God bless you in every seconds, minutes, and hours in this month of February! ❤


Share your experience in the comments box below :)

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