“A Female Angry Bird on Valentine’s Day”

This was me on 14 February 2013 (around evening time) LOL
This was me on 14 February 2013 (around evening time) LOL

Don’t ask how my Valentine was, because it was a ‘blue Valentine’. Nevertheless, I can see there are so many rooms for improvement in my heart in regards to ‘love is not self-seeking’ and ‘love is not easily angered’ especially with a husband who is non-chalantly declared himself as ‘not a romantic person’ while I declare myself as one… as hard as I tried to just ignore this Valentine thingy and yea yea I know “everyday is a Valentine” I did still hope something, just anythingggggg… to show up miraculuosly on that day from my other-half.

Well, spice and more spice to this marriage life… For me, love is complex. For my husband, love is simple (being annoyed at him at that time I replied, that’s because you only focus on yourself!* ~warning!… smell of a female angry bird LOL~) Sometimes (or, many many times), it’s very hard to face ‘men from Mars, women from Venus’ sort of thing and it’s hard to make the adjustment. Things that look like trivial for my husband, is my ‘basic belief’, and I am a strong believer of ‘if there’s a will, there’s a way,’ while for my husband… hmmm… there’s always an explanation for things he actually can do but doesn’t (including ‘lazy’, ‘tired’) LOL.

Oh well, maybe I’ll always remember this year’s Valentine, not only for how bad it was, but also the ‘satire yet kinda funny stories’ of how it ended, now that I can write it with a smile 🙂

(*) I know “you only focus on yourself” is not entirely true, because my husband is a great planner and visioner, thinker of the big picture (but how he often overlook the ‘small pictures’ which sometimes annoy me). Oh well, a female angry bird sure could say non-sense things that she shouldn’t! 🙂



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