“The Pilot Post Before Goes More Personal”

open heartIt’s gonna take me a big decision to share personal story of mine about my family here in my blog. I have got this buried to myself and disclose it only to selected close friends, but I don’t know why now I feel the urge to share it in my personal blog. Some possible reasons:

1. Maybe because my bond to this blog gets deeper after I write it more often so just like a relationship, I am more ready to open my heart and write things more personal even though people including friends who know me must be able to read it once I share the link in my Facebook and Twitter page.

But, I don’t know, maybe my story can bless them in some ways? Worry that they may judge me or my family in unexpected ways is surely in my mind, but I think I have to take the chance. I know I am not the only one who have this kind of story, and I always hope that I can encourage those facing similar challenge. Yet, maybe like me, they also have been burying their story, hoping nobody knows yet also wishing very hard they can share it with someone who understands and will not judge.

Maybe I’m gonna take the first step, just letting them know they are not alone.

2. Maybe because now I have embraced more of the reality. Do you know the 5 stages of “anguish”? Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance. Maybe now I have been in the ‘acceptance’ stage (although many times I still wish things would go differently, so I admit that I’m still stuck and go back and forward between the ‘bargaining’ and ‘acceptance’ stage in one way or another). I’m gonna tell my story not to boast myself as a ‘conquerer’ because the struggle is still on and have been shaping great deal of my character even until now. But I just want to share how God has (slowly yet) beautifully worked things in my life so far and sustained me with His wonderful grace. So along the way, maybe it does not only bless others, but also helping me to release my burden by expressing it in more concrete words in blog.

I’m writing this ‘pilot post’ before I actually venture on the “real deal” in the following post, could my mind change and decide not to disclose it? How do yourself feel and think to share a personal story but perhaps it would have chance to be blessings for others?


One thought on ““The Pilot Post Before Goes More Personal”

  1. The idea of a pilot post is a good start. If I’ve written or shared something that I don’t necessarily want everyone who knows me face to face to know, I’ve turned off publicize. That way it doesn’t go into my facebook or twitter feed. Anyone who cares enough to come to WP to read it, is probably more willing to see through whatever the issue is find me. The random eavesdroppers have fallen away.

    Hi BJ, thanks for giving me your opinion, it’s a good idea! Although some part of me wish those who may have similar family problem like me were one of my Facebook friends (so it’d be easier if they want to share/talk to me directly), but I guess I am still “too shy” for the beginning, so turning off the publicize is a good idea for a start 🙂
    By the way, all the best and God be with the TwoRivers Assembly during your launch tomorrow at Regal Cinema! Whenever people of God gather together, power and presence of the Lord must be there and real, and the seeds that you sow by writing your devotional blog everyday will never go in vain.
    God bless!

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