“No More Perfect Meal”

Last night shame: Home made couscous with chopped coriander & sultanas plus “Hanoi-styled” grilled fish 😛

OK, so one chapter in my fave book that I haven’t about to buy yet (“No More Perfect Moms by Jill Savage) discussing about “No More Perfect Meals” and yesterday afternoon when I wrote my books wish list I thought I’d never have to experience one, and that is necessarily wrong!

Turned out the marinated fish I made last night was too salty, we ended up couldn’t eat it! My husband said the couscous was nice though so we ate just that… yep, couscous with the chopped coriander and sultanas, before then we snacked on things we could find in the fridge hahaha…

It really embarassed me… that was the first time it happened in this household…. too imperfect until I had to throw it away 😦

I should’ve realized when the recipes wrote “500 grams fish + 1 1/2 cup fish sauce” while I only have 400 grams fish, at least I must reduce the amount of the fish sauce… ^^”

Well, truly there is no perfect mom, only perfect and loving God 🙂

By the wayyyy…. happy news as I have received my book order in just within a week! Yipiii… Love reading good books by women of God.

Have other good books you’d like to recommend? 😉

So convenience… ordering it via e-bay and receiving it in just a week 🙂

Share your experience in the comments box below :)

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