“A Simple Post on 1st of March 2013”

It’s weekend again! Yey! And it’s MARCH already!

1st of March:

– Taking Aimee to baby story telling class in Caroline Springs Library, I love it better than taking her to the playground I once took her last month. I could give ‘less effort’ to socializing with other mums unlike in the playgroup (smaller room and fewer people so I had to really be ‘chatty chatty mom’) and it’s far way cleaner in library. Also I had a view of other Asians mothers (although there wasn’t any Indonesian, mostly Vietnamese I suppose) rather than being the only non-native and Asian mother. I enjoyed talking to other moms once in the playgroup though, but the whole experience I enjoy more one in the library this morning.

– After so long, I enjoyed a lunch by myself while Aimee’s sleeping in her pram! Some people may not like and feel ‘awkward’ to eat alone, but not me, I always enjoy some alone time. I used to really enjoy reading book or listening music from my iPod while alone in bus. Alone doesn’t always lonely ❤

– I decided to walk to home instead of taking bus, because this morning I had to wait for 40 minutes despite of the given bus schedule. I thought I also need to exercise and ‘test’ my fitness (haha) so I gave it a go. I walked down around 3kms and it only took me 30 minutes, should do it more often or in longer track.

Now I’m just plain tired because having backache and sore legs because of my period plus the morning activity, I can’t wait until Aimee’s having her nap time so I can join, but basically I always love a day with new activities and adventure, thank You Lord 🙂

A book lover like me, she is… fast forward 5 minutes from I took the pic, the place was fully crowded (couldn’t barely see the carpet anymore :P)



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