“God is always interested in you”

I’m updating this blog without having one main theme to be discussed about, so just see where my fingers, brain, and heart leading me to.. 😛

Last weekend I had so much fun having a road trip to Philip Island with my ‘past’ FA (cell group) MCA 2. Being the only family with kid among all singles didn’t limit the fun and laughter 🙂 I refer it as my ‘past’ FA as now we have joined a family cell group with similar demographic nearer to our home since we moved back to Melb. Just consider I am very much blessed having two cell groups of brothers and sisters in Christ regardless with similar background or not 🙂

I’ve mentioned it in previous in my blog that most of my friends here married but haven’t got kid or don’t even get married yet but I keep thanking God for sending me godly parenting books and godly close friends else where (most of them are in overseas so we message each other quite often just to share the ups and downs from motherhood journey) just so to keep shaping, molding, and reminding me what kind of mother and wife that’s pleasing in God’ eyes. It’s very dangerous otherwise as my mind could be easily shaped by other things I see or read in media or by other people’s advice and opinion which may sound right yet they are not biblical. I am convicted to follow what is right in God’s eyes rather than following popular advice in men’s eyes. Maybe later I can write more about this 🙂

Seeing my single friends often bring me back to memories of my ‘good old days’ haha.. I could relate well with them deep inside my heart, and to their challenges in life, study, and mostly in their journey in finding “mr/mrs right” 😛 Whenever they share their hearts with me, I try to listen and help by sharing what I have experienced and how God was in control through it all. If He did sustain and lead me until this marriage stage, why wouldn’t He do the same with you?

“Acknowledge Him in all your ways, and He shall direct your path” – Proverbs 3:6

I very much realize there is no one solution for all in terms of relationship, and what ‘worked’ for me in my past in finding my ‘anointed man’ might not do the same in the life of others. We all have different ideals, circumstances, level of commitment and conviction. But I can assure you that as long as you draw near to God, the end decision will always bring LIFE.

“I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing” – John 15:5

Does it mean when you find the right one from God there wouldn’t be any challenges? or the most popular question they asked me: “How can you know you have found the one from God?” – one huge question that I myself used to often ask God 🙂  but then again back to previous paragraphs I wrote. “There is no one solution for all”. I may be able to give advice just because I have walked the journey earlier, but in the end I always tell my single friends (or younger married friends)  to find the answer from God Himself as He is the Best Advisor and He’s willing to share what’s in His heart and telling you a ‘personalized answer’ to your question – just give Him the chance. Instead of pouring out your heart to friends and seeking council from them, why don’t you firstly come into His presence and pour out all of your hearts to Him and pray so that He can lead you to people or friends who can give you the best advice? Don’t forget not to limit Him as He has creative ways in giving you the answers, not just from men! (read the Bible, I’ve found many life-giving answers from here)

Hmm.. I think that’s pretty much of it for now.. I’m praying for all of you reading this blog if you have any major life questions, come to God and share your heart. The sooner the better. You don’t have to wait until you have the ‘right mood to pray’, He listens including if you tell it to Him straightaway after reading this 🙂

In whatever stage you are in (single, in a relationship, married, married with kid/s) and in whatever problems you are in (life, family, study, work, relationship, marriage, mothering), God is always interested in YOU. He’s the one created you anyway.

Have a blessed day everyone 🙂




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