“A Mystery”

It’s a mystery,

How You created the world and its universe by simply speak,

How You created man merely from dust of the ground,

the woman from the man’s rib,

bountiful living creatures in the world with its delicate organs and uniqueness,

the flowers, trees, sky, and nature to naturally follow the season in time…



It’s a mystery,

How You create a well inside your men and women’s heart,

with only Your Spirit can fill to satisfy,

regardless the wealth, treasure and gimmicks that world offers…


It’s a mystery,

How You can change one’s stony heart,

How You are more than powerful to captivate the humble, and thirsty heart after Your presence,

How You do holiness as work-in-progress in my life,

How You slowly erase every fear and worry,

not with rod and staff yet more with Your limitless love and grace…



It’s a mystery,

How You could send Your only Beloved Son into the world,

not as a king or a great general in world’s eyes,

not born in a palace, laid on silk thread and covered with best cotton,

not to gain world’s riches and status,

yet to completely and devotedly living the life paradox of this world,

and to be the example of perfect obedient, even to death, at the cross,

for world’s sins…

jesus wash feet


It’s a mystery,

How You never curse back those who curse You,

never be unfaithful to those who are unfaithful,

never condemn those who despise You,

not giving up for those who give up on You,

unending patience to those who aren’t willing to wait for You,

unfathomable love for those who doesn’t love nor even want to know You…

jesus love you


You are an incomprehensible God,

yet You are willing to give the answers to those who seek You like one who has a little child’s heart,

if not in this world the answers to find,

then when I shall see you face to face in eternity…


Now we see things imperfectly, like puzzling reflections in a mirror,

but then we will see everything with perfect clarity.

All that I know now is partial and incomplete,

but then I will know everything completely,

just as God now knows me completely

– 1 Corinthians 13:12





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